Enjoy the Fragrances of Arabian Oud

Enjoy the Fragrances of Arabian Oud

All Arabian oud fragrances are the best! They smell good and are available at affordable prices. If you are after the perfect scent then this is it, they are generally categorized as Westernized versions of truly luxurious Arabic perfumes. The amazing and heady scent of the Arabian oud and rosewood becomes a great fragrance for men and women alike! Did you know that Arabian oud UK subtle and musky scent is famous throughout the world which makes you think why your one doesn’t? Well, it’s still not too late! Head on to Hub Alhaya and get yours today! Here you get the best bargains and prices that are right in your alley.             

What is Arabian oud exactly?

It has a strong musky scent that is characteristic of attracting people towards buying it! It gives off a sensual aura, did you know that oud is a fruit from South Asia that creates the scent you all love so much and is one of the most expensive raw scent ingredients in the world.

Oudh or most known as oud comes from the wood of a south Asian agar (aquilaria) tree. When this wood becomes mouldy, its chemicals react with each other to produce a dark scented resin that is often called liquid gold. The oud is usually used to refer to both the resin-like substance also known as agar wood and the oil distilled from it.

What is oud so expensive?

Well, why anything ever expensive? It is either it in great demand or it is rare, in the oud's case it is rare. The rarity of the oud by estimate produced by the agar trees is less than 2%. Many experts even say that the very best ouds are obtained from the oldest trees, that tree even rarer to find. Did you know that a good batch of oud can sell for more than $5000 a pound? Yes, that’s s true, this fact is very, much verified by many scientific journals. Depending on the purity, oud oil can cost more than £20,000 per kilogram (more than $30,000)

Cultural significance

The scent of Arabian oud UK is considered to be ancient that has been used in the Middle East and Asia at home and religious ceremonies and such for a thousand years. It holds such a spiritual significance that many people think that Arabian oud perfume also has the medical qualities to heal a person emotionally. While it’s true that the scent of oud is said to have a positive effect on one’s mind. In many psychological studies, it has been stated that the Arabian oud perfume helps relax and calm the nerves and mild symptoms of anxiety. Many people use it in yoga sessions and exercises related to spirituality. This is the sole reason why people are more attentive to people that are wearing Arabian oud scents. It is because they feel more relaxed and approachable. You might not know it, but scents hold quite a lot of power over our instincts and brain activities to the point where it is safe to predict our behaviours in response to it. Isn’t that interesting? 

What is it mostly used for?

Oud is generally used in wooden incense chips, body oils, and most popular in fragrances that are now quickly becoming a fast-growing industry in the west. Sales of oud scented perfumes are going strong within the reputable fragrance market, which is valued at $3 billion, According to the NPD Group, A 2013 report stated that total oud sales were up by 68%.

What is so special about the Arabian oud London?

The amazing scent of rosewood with vanilla bean undertones gives it an earthy and down-to-earth ambiance the complements both men and women alike. Many brands make their fragrances and scents definite for certain gender, but the Arabian oud perfume is a perfume that is unisex that both women and men can use. The most distinctive feature of oud sent is that they enhance your natural scent, not subdue and change it completely.

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