Make your casual look attractive with Emirati style thobe

Make your casual look attractive with Emirati style thobe

Did you know that colours make an everlasting impression? Well, it is true. Especially for men. Many people might think that women are the only ones who care about what they wear, but that is not the case. Men are just as sensitive in wearing clothes that suit them the best, and colours play an important part in these decisions. It is nothing to frown upon at all. Clothes are what make or break your personality. The one thing that you can use to make your appearance impressionable in an interview or a meeting is by dressing impeccably without opening your mouth. People's days like to take people at face value, and face values largely include the state and type of clothes you wear.

In the UAE 67% of men wear a dishahsa on a normal basis. It is a long-sleeved dress that comes down to the length of ankles, they are available to you in many colours and sizes at Hub Alhaya. Men in Saudi Arabia wear Simple Peach Emirati Jubba to schools, universities, and even formal occasions like weddings, engagements, and official meetings, and such. It is worn almost every day as casual wear as well. With so many men wearing one daily, it is quite popular and more in demand than you think.

Variety is the spice of life!

Many Saudi Arabian men are more likely to wear a white men's Jubba, but there are even times you get bored and need some colour in your life and when that time comes, we are right here for you! At Hub Alhaya we have the best assortment of colours that will make your wardrobe lively and elegant and all of that at the best affordable prices! Our Simple Peach Emirati Jubba is the most selling piece, with the winters coming get all stocked up for a new and improved winter wardrobe for all your friends and family to fawn over. 

Why peach colour?

This amazing sift and warm colour has appeal and elegance that attracts attention. Why is that?

Peach colour is known to affect very positively on a person’s physiological state of mind. It sends out a positive and warm aura that attracts people.

Psychology says that peach colour also invokes feelings of kindness, joy, and happiness in others.

The peach colour is the best subtle colour to wear in an official meeting or a formal gathering, it is not over neither too sober, it lies between that gorgeous sweet spot that looks classy elegant and still gives colour to your appearance.

Peach colour works well if you want to pair your men's Jubba with any other colours like grey or black. Men are generally fond of darker colours in winter’s hence peach Emirati style thobe is just the thing to pair your dressing with. 

This colour will never be out of fashion it is easily suitable for every season regardless of fashion trends in colours.

What shades and hues of peach colour to expect at Hub Alhaya?

We offer many shades for you to choose from! We pride ourselves on providing the best variety and choices in colours and styles in our Simple Peach Emirati Jubba collection. We have:

  • Peach orange
  • Light peach
  • Peach
  • Pink peach
  • Shrimp
  • Coral peach

Not just that, we also have countless jubbah styles for you to get these amazing colours in! Like:

  • Emirati thobes
  • Kuwaiti thobe
  • Omani thobes

Just like colours you need different styles of men's thobe UK To add some variety in your wardrobe. Make your wardrobe more enviable with more amazing fresh pieces of Emirati Jubba Available at Hub Alhaya at affordable prices!

Quality stitching and embroidery

We offer you various advantages and perks at Hub Alhaya that you will never get to experience anywhere else! We have amazing embroidery catalogues that you can select designs and threads from to embroider on your selected Emirati style thobe you can choose any colour combination with peach, and it would look fabulous on your Simple Peach Emirati Jubba the needlework is done by hand and very expertly by our hard-working and devoted workers. The stitching is just as impeccable. The stitching quality is what tells you what the brand is worth, and we are worth every penny you spend on us! Did you know that you are saving money buying from us with the help of amazing deal packages with weekly sales! 

So what are you waiting for, keep an eye out for our newsletter for our new arrivals and the hottest items on sale! Simply email us or contact us at for any query, we have the best team of customer service dedicated just to you!