Update your wardrobe with the latest colour choices at Hub Alhaya!

Update your wardrobe with the latest colour choices at Hub Alhaya!

With the winters coming you need to stock up winter clothes, no worries no matter how behind you are Hub Alhaya has your back! Now you don’t need to scour every shop looking for Emirati style thobe you want all you have to do is visit Hub Alhayas website and get all the options to choose from, presented to you at the touch of your fingers. No need to exhaust yourself trying to find the right thobe when it is so accessible to get at Hub Alhaya at a moment’s notice. 

Winter is coming!

In summers men like to wear lighter shades of colours as it is more beneficial to wear them in summers. But in winters, men tend to gravitate towards darker colours. This is the time when other new and different colours get in the spotlight and get the chance to shine. As stock up as much as you can because Hub Alhaya offers the best deals and sales rates you have ever seen in your lives!

Every fashion is different

It is called a thobe or a dishdasha, there are many styles and designs within Emirati style thobe but at heart, they are all the same. They have long sleeves and the length of the whole Emirati style thobe comes down at the length of your ankles. Emirati style thobe is the most sombre and sophisticated looking out of all the designs at Hub Alhaya. Other styles may include a tassel of various lengths and designs. These small traits make the types of dishdashas different!

At Hub Alhaya you get the best varieties possible at the touch of your finger, like:

  • Kuwaiti dishdasha
  • Emirati dishdasha
  • Omani dishdasha

Western fashion has influenced almost every country, but there are still some places that are unaffected by it, the Middle East being one of those people. Here people dress more conservatively but freely within their rights, there is such simplicity and elegance in the way the men of Saudi Arabia dress!

Grey is a universal palette to match with other colours!

If you love the colour grey then this mens Jubba is just the thing you need! This is the speciality of grey colour, whatever colour you match with it becomes elegant and sombre. Grey Emirati Jubba Thobes exudes a wise and intellectual aura that attracts people and plays an important role in attracting people's attention to its best capability. With the Emirati men's Jubba It is guaranteed that wherever you wear it, you will command the presence at any event or occasion. It is best to wear sombre and sophisticated colours that make you appear grown-up and intelligent. Many people these days go on face value and appearances when they associate with anyone else, hence always dress and look your best since you never know when you might encounter an opportunity. 

Match whatever you want with it!

Any colour that is matched with grey men's Jubba automatically becomes attractive and looks nicer. There are many things you can pair with your  Emirati Jubba for a better and respectable-looking appearance like a watch, or a pair of good-looking loafers, or moccasins that look classy and the epitome of sophistication. Not just that they look superb with additional apparel like a black robe. 

Next-level embroidery designs!

A thobe has a very simplistic and sophisticated look to it. That is why it is most suitable to wear one on any occasion whether casually on a normal day out to school, at universities, even to a gathering with friends and family. But with the addition of delicate and intricate designs of embroidery at the chest and cuffs makes it more than suitable to wear on special and formal occasions like weddings, official meetings, and such. The needlework at Hub Alhaya is tidy and has no comparison at all!

The stitching and quality are amazing!

We pride ourselves on the quality with which we serve our customers; we have the same standards for all our products and clothing items. The stitching is clean and tidy. You will never experience a stitch out of place! We deliver all our products in 3 to 4 business days because we get how excited you are to get your men's Jubba.

So visit our collection pages today at https://www.hub-alhaya.com/ to have a look at what’s new with us! Hub Alhaya priorities you over anything else, so don’t hesitate to contact us at +447922238272 or email us at info@hub-alhaya.com to get weekly and a monthly subscription to get the latest news on the hottest selling products and new arrivals. Hub Alhaya prioritizes you over anything else so