What makes your dishdasha look amazingly fabulous on any occasion?

These are modern times and in these modern times, everyone wants to look trendy. For this, you need top-of-the-line accessories and clothes. Hub Alhaya provides you all that and more! Your dressing determines your personality and your temperament. And the Triple White Omani Dishdasha will definitely be in your favour if you wear one to any of your formal occasions or even a casual day out. That is the best part about this dishdasha. You can wear it anywhere you want and be noticed for a well-to-do gentleman you are. Typically, you will find that women are more conscious of their dressing, but that is also the truth for men as well.

A dishdasha is also known as a kandura or a thobe. They have different names and types, but at heart, they are all the same. Men of the Arabian state gulf have been wearing these traditional dishdashas for a very long time. Middle East culture is rich in history as well as colours.

Importance of an Omani dishdasha online in the Middle East:

Even with the western influence on the large, men in the Saudi Arabia gulf prefer kandura and dishdasha to western clothes. These dishdashas hold the traditional elegance that gives their clothes meaning and charm. Men don’t just wear it on special occasions like weddings and official meetings, but they also wear it from day to day casually.

What are the attributes distinct to an Omani dishdasha online?

Like Emirati and Kuwaiti style dishdasha Omani dishdasha also have some key designs that are distinct to its style. An Omani traditional dress male has no collar, but it does have a tassel attached at the neck. The tassel is not long, but a short one. The length of the dishdasha comes down to the ankles. At Hub Alhaya we take your requirements in a thobe seriously. We consider ourselves experts in all things thobes. Many of the thobes are of ankle length, or they come down to the length of your feet. They are not stitched shorter than your ankle and longer than your feet.

Check out our amazing Triple White Omani Dishdasha summer collection now!

Hub Alhaya offers you the best summer colours you need in your kandura we made sure that the colours we select for your summer dishdasha are cool and crisp and give you a relaxing sensation all over. That said Hub Alhayas Omani kandura Is the most popular with men. Why? Well if we are talking about tradition then traditionally men are more prone to wear white thobes. White is elegant and decent at the same time. 

Men in Egypt and nearby areas of the Arabian states also wear thobes. Why? Because it is common to wear white dishdasha in the scorching heat of the desert sun. It protects them from it. Light colours like mint peach and white are more likely to be worn in summer.

We don’t skimp on fashion!

You absolutely don’t have to sacrifice fashion to look decent and elegant. You can be both fashionable and elegant at the same time. Due to the western culture of fashion, people might think that looking modern is decent is not the same thing, but that is not the case at Hub Alhaya. We believe in being fashionably elegant. Our amazing collection of thobes will give you the modern look that you want, while looking handsome and dapper at any formal event or occasion. Hub Alhaya dishdasha is so elegant and decent that you can also wear this on a daily basis. Many men wear a dishdasha to universities and schools as well. Why not look handsome and fabulous while doing it.

What to expect from our fabric choice for you Omani kandura

No doubt they're a lot of features that makes our Omani kaduras the best online. Like:

  • Luxury fabric that provides comfort and style
  • V-neck style cuffs
  • Embroidery at the sleeves and neck
  • Attachable tassel

Investing in this amazing wardrobe choice will be the best investment you make o yourself. If you want a luxurious look for yourself this season, then Hub Alhaya is the right place to do it! It will guarantee to give you the sleek yet modern look

Finesse in stitching and embroidery you will not find anywhere!

Many online stores don’t take their work as seriously as we do! Our hand-stitched dishdasha is stitched with finesse and hard work. There is not a single stitch that you will find out of place. Our embroidery selection is also out of this world. It is so precise and neat that you have to buy one for or yourself at all costs! And that’s the cost is very affordable as well

Affordable prices

We don’t overcharge you for our amazing Omani kandura So what are you waiting for check out our website for more colours and variety in your wardrobe! We have awesome deals and sales that will definitely make your hands itch to add these dishdashas to your cart. Really, why the wait, all you have to do is get online and checkout. Your order will reach you safe and sound right at your door in a matter of days. Hub Alhaya will do not overprice products and merchandise just to gain more profits. We believe in delivering quality and good service right to you.

Why us?

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Amazing customer service!

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