Simple Peach Emirati Jubba has everything you are looking for a Hub Alhaya!

An Emirati Jubba is the most common choice for Arabic men to wear on a hot summer day. It is the perfect blend of casual to formal wear in the UAE gulf countries. A Jubba has many words and variations in its spellings. Some place it is known as thobe or thawb or even dishdasha as well as a kandura. Its variation in names depends on what place and part of Saudi Arabia you are currently in. if you are visiting, then dressing in their traditional clothes will win you some points with the locals. A jubbah is traditionally a long-sleeved robe that comes down to your ankles. Its length is debatable depending on what region you are in. Some people wear it to their feet and some wear it to the length of their ankles.

Hub Alhaya provides you with the best trendy and decent-looking thobes that are in fashion. If other designs are not suitable for your tastes than the Simple Peach Emirati Jubba is the best option for you. The thobe is the most popular choice for western clothes in states Arabian Persian Gulf and even south of Egypt as well. You might have noticed that all these places are either desert plains or barren lands. These places have the worst heat possible in the summers. Wearing it is most suitable in hot places like these, as they help you stay cool and look amazing at the same time.

What is the quality that is distinct to emirate style thobe?

There are many types of thobes and dishdasha and Emirati style is one of them. This style has a very sleek, and elegant collar that gives your dishdasha a very formal look even when you are wearing it casually. You can wear this dishdasha to a formal occasion as well wear it as casual day wear. Whether you are at a university, at school, or going for a day out with your friends. The collar also has a tassel attached to it that is distinctive to the Emirati style. But for your convenience, we have made it attachable. So you can easily take it off when you are throwing it in the wash or giving it for dry cleaning.

Fabulous Emirati Jubba colour collection:

In all your travels and observations, you might have noticed that white thobes are the most popular with Arabic men. But there are still men who look for a pop of colour in their clothing. That is why Hub Alhaya is here with a new summer collection that is filled with cool summer colours that will give your wardrobe some life and make it vibrant. Summers's colours are cool and just by wearing them gives you the look of utter bliss and relaxation. That is exactly what you need in your life. Selecting the right colour makes or breaks your personality. Colours like light peach and beige suits all skin types. They especially compliment whitish colour complexions at best.

What kind of fabric do we select for your jubbah?

Through research and extensive market inquiry, we now use a perfect blend of polyester and cotton fabric that is light and airy on your skin. Many fabrics become rough and course with excessive use, but this material will stay your friend for a long time. We believe in quality over quantity. It is easy to wash, and it will not lose its vibrancy in colour. This fabric is the unique and fascinating as it has that flowy fall that you need in a thobe and is likely to crease as well. That is why our amazing Emirati style thobe is the most popular of our long-time customers. 

The stitching is clean and precise:

We guarantee that you will not find such delicate and accurate stitching and sewing patterns anywhere. All our designer thobes are hand-sewn and have to go through inspection at every junction of manufacturing. We take special honour in sewing your thobes. It is quite amazing that our hand-sewn and dishdasha are worn by people daily.

Embroidery is a statement of elegance and decency:

Many people think that embroidery on a thobe is not becoming, but it is quite the opposite, our embroidery design collection is the most delicate and elegant you will never find elsewhere. We use the mist decent coloured threads that favour you men's thobe UK the best and brings out the colours. You can choose what designs you want to be embroidered on your dishdasha. Men mostly prefer small smattering on embroidery done on the ends of the sleeves and collars. 

Our special embroidered thobes are the most beautiful and will give the coveted ambiance you need to impress your peers. They will give you the traditional feels while looking modern at the same time.

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