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If you are looking for an Emirati style thobe then Hub Alhaya is just the place for you to start looking. Hub Alhaya provides you with the best materials of fabric for this thobe. Saudi Arabic dresses are very popular for a variety of reasons. It is comfortable to wear as well as protects you from the desert heat. Our thobes are attractive and fascinating at the same time. It has amazing, precise stitch lines that are just out of this world. If you are looking for fashionable yet simplistic wear in the UAE, whether you are a visitor or a permanent resident then Simple Nude Emirati Jubba is the perfect choice for you. It is the most favourite dress among men in Arabia. It has amazing precise stitch lines that are just out of this world. 

The word thobe or thawb is known to have originated from Arabic. It is also known to be spelled as thaub as well. Here the right spelling of all the Arabic wear is of no consequence. It is usually used for a garment that men or Saudi Arabia wear. It is characteristically the long-term traditional dress that men of the UAE wear. Furthermore, it is a simple robe-like garment that is long. The length can depend on geographical variance. There are no rules for a length of a jubbah. It can be down to your ankles or your foot. A kaftan is quite similar to a thobe or a jubbah.

Simple Nude Emirati Jubba is a full-sleeved dress that completes the look of a decent and elegant style of Arabic men. It is often worn on formal occasions concerning officials meetings as well. A thobe is mostly paired with a bisht that is also known as mishlah which means cloak in other parts of the Arabian Peninsula. With the variance of different countries and places inside Saudi Arabia, the jubbah is often accompanied by belts and headpieces that are rich and full of culture and colours.

Why simple white and nude colours?

The same dressing style can also be seen in Egypt. The thing common with Egypt and Saudi Arabia is that they both are desert, barren landscapes that are hot and sandy. Did you know that the white and light colours of jubbah are more famous with men? They are more favoured than other coloured jubbahs. Well, there is a reason behind why white? The white colour helps fight the heat of the summer desert. At Hub Alhaya you will find amazing nude shades and colours that will help you look fabulous and stay cool at the same time. But if you have a taste for colours that are on the darker side, don’t worry, we offer a wide range of colours that will fulfil your need for colour and different shades of jubbah in your wardrobe. Well, this is the common reason why white is preferred over coloured thobes.

White makes you the right ambiance for your personality!

The other reasons are quite simply put. White is the most simplistic and elegant colour you can ever wear, especially for a man. Colour signifies your personality and temperament. A white men's thobe UK gives you a wiser and relaxed aura. It is modest of all colours and if you want to look fashionable yet simplistic than it is the perfect choice for you. 

Wearing an Emirati style thobe will be in your favour!

As a thobe or a jubbah is common to wear among Saudi Arabia men it is most in demand. Hence, we make it easy for you to purchase yours online at Hub Alhaya. Men wear it on a normal basis as well, in universities, schools, mosques, and social and formal events.  

What qualities are distinctive to Emirati style?

A simple Emirati jubbah has a round collar that is beautiful and elegant at the same time. The collar gives it a more decent look that you want for yourself. Many think that it is impossible to look modern and decent at the same time, but that is not the case. This cleanly stitched collar is designed to give you the superior quality that you deserve.

Embroidered designs

Our catalogue of embroidered Emirati Jubba designs is just what you need to look dapper and amazing for your day-to-day look. No doubt that simply makes you feel comfortable. But in some cases, you also need amazing designs that will give your clothes the edge. To fill this need for your Hub Alhaya has a self-print offer just for you. These intricate and beautiful embroidery designs will make the right statement for you. 

Our fabric choices are up to par!

All our thobes and jubbahs are made of a cotton and polyester blend. It is the best material that is best suited for making long-sleeved white jubbahs. Why? Because:

  • It is soft and has quality
  • Easily washable
  • Breathable and soft on the skin
  • Less likely to crease easily
  • Absorbent material that is resistant to wear and tear
  • Durable and reliable

Our jubbahs are hand-stitched with care and love for our customers. We don’t make exceptions on quality over quantity.

Why us?

We offer amazing sale deals and discounts, so keep your eyes peeled for anything special you want to purchase from Hub Alhaya. We don’t only make men’s wear, but women and children’s as well. Furthermore, we also deal in special Arabian gifts like scented candles, gift cards, and much more. Health care and beauty tools and products. Kid toys and books. This place is truly a one-stop-shop for all your needs. We also have prayer mats, fragrant incenses.

We support our customers to a fault. Our product return policy will leave you stress-free in case you have any troubles with it.

Amazing customer service!

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