Go for the minimalistic look this summer with the Simple Peach Emirati Jubba!

Go for the minimalistic look this summer with the Simple Peach Emirati Jubba!

A thobe is a piece of cloth that protects you from the scorching sun and sandstorms in summer and gives warmth in the winter. This is exactly what every Middle Eastern man needs in his wardrobe. Because of the harsh environmental conditions, men in Saudi Arabia and other regions near it like the UAE gulf and Egypt dress in simple clothing to fight off the heat. Wearing a men's Jubba is an indication of a very sensible and intelligent adaptation to this harsh environment. This is the main reason western fashion has not yet completely over tales the Middle East region. The other season is pure tradition.

Why Simple Peach Emirati Jubba is so popular in the Arabian Peninsula?

Well, isn’t it obvious? Thobes of light colours like peach and white were chosen to reflect the sun's rays. The way the dishdasha is designed efficiently allows air circulation all around the body, making it suitable to wear in the summers while reducing any heat build-up. Middle Eastern men have work dishdashas since a long time ago, that is has become more of a tradition than a need. The tradition to uphold the identity of their nation. That is their pride and joy! Hub Alhaya helps you provide all this at reasonable prices and all this is just a click away.

Different types of thobe for every region!

With different regions, seasons and occasions come different styles of thobes, but they all remain the same at heart. All that changes are the accessories you might pair your men's Jubba with. Or even colours in winters might turn to darker shades like navy or black or brown. They might also become thicker and heavier to ward off the chill of winter, like wool. We have made a successful attempt in the morning, your jubbah. Hub Alhaya gets it. Wearing the same old dishdasha style every day can be quite boring and monotonous, so check out our amazing collection of jubbahs that have amazing light summer colours like mint, white, and peach that will soothe your eyes the instant you look at it. Peach colour gives you a sober wiser that attracts attention. We have:

  • Kuwaiti style
  • Emirati style
  • Omani style

Choose our Emirati style thobe

Men being quite aid back about their dressing makes them want to get a wardrobe that suits every occasion and season. And our dishdashas are just the thing. Did you know that 67% of men in the Middle East wear a dishdasha daily? They wear it casually to schools universities, meetings, and formal occasions like official conferences or auspicious ceremonies like weddings and engagements. Our dishdashas go amazing with the minimalistic look that is in fashion right now. No annoying layers just one maximum motion raged thobe that is easy to move in. our men's thobe in the UK is an amazing option to dress functional, casual, and elegant all in one.

Amazing stitching and delicate embroidery

Hub Alhaya deals in some of the most fascinating and superb-looking jubbahs you have ever seen. That is our guarantee. The stitching is neat and beautiful that when you wear our Peach Emirati Jubba it becomes you. The embroidery of these thobes is also on another level. We make sure that the embroidery is delicate and intricate to give you the handsome look you will be proud o ear to an occasion like a wedding or an official's meeting. All eyes will be on you no matter what.

Fabric quality is just heavenly!

The fabric material is what it comes down to for customers. That is why we take great care in selecting fabrics for your thobes. Our dishdashas are made of 100% polyester. This material has many benefits:

  • Easy to wash
  • Absorbent
  • Light on the skin
  • Breathable

Adds quality to your character, what more could you want out of your Peach Emirati Jubba!

So head on over to Hub Alhaya and have the best shop of our lives at affordable rates and fast delivery right to your doorstep!

Why us?

We offer amazing discount deals, we don’t only have men’s jubbah collection, but women's and children’s apparel as well. Additionally, we also deal in special gift cards, Arabian gifts like scented candles, and much more. We also have prayer mats, fragrant incenses, Health care, and beauty tools and products. Children’s toys and books. This place has exactly what you need.

We support our customers all the way. The return policy on our products will leave you stress-free in case you have any troubles with them.

Amazing customer service!

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