Bring light and simplicity to your wardrobe with a White Emirati Jubba

Bring light and simplicity to your wardrobe with a White Emirati Jubba

Western fashion has given us a lot to think about. It has over taken almost all of the fashion industry everywhere. But then again every place, every country and every region has its own fashion and clothing trends. It is the same for Middle Eastern men. It is more traditional for Middle Eastern men to wear Simple White Emirati Jubba. Middle Eastern fashion is not just for women but men as well. So head on to Hub Alhaya and check out the amazing summer collection for men!

You might think that they are over the jubbah but that’s not it. They are more enthusiastic about it than ever. Did you know that 67% of Middle Eastern men inclosing men of Egypt and neighboring UAE Gulf wear a jubbah daily? So then you ask yourself, where is the variety? Well the variety is the Hub Alhaya. We offer you the most amazing summer colors that will compliment you on every occasion and surrounding. Men wear a dishdasha that often partly because it’s a tradition and also because it is an effective ensemble that si suitable to fight the heat of desert in the summers.

Turn on the charm factor with Hub Alhaya!

…… is just the thing to cool off in the summer heat. White is the colour that helps you fight the heat. White colour reflects the heat. When you wear a white jubbah the charm just oozes out of your personality. The colour white has a quite soothing aura to it. if you want to look regal and majestic in one amazing looking jubbah then this is it.

Why an Emirati Jubba?

In the Middle East, men wear thobes almost daily. They can wear it to any occasion they want. To schools, universities, offices, mosques, formal events like weddings, and officials' meetings. But it does get boring wearing the same type of men's thobe UK that is why this year Hub Alhaya has brought new colours and designs that will liven up your wardrobe while giving you something new to wear. Creating a new-look now and then with Hub Alhaya will be in your favour. So head on to our website and pressure your heart contents into our thobes collection of all styles, colours, and designs!

So many styles to choose from!

Just like emeriti style there are other styles that we have in our collection.

Emirati style

Omani style

Kuwaiti style

All these styles are designed to enhance your look. Wouldn’t you want to look elegant and handsome at every event you went to? That’s right you would so what are waiting for and add some variety in your wardrobe with HubAlhaya.

Top of the line hand stitching you have ever seen!

With other online stores you will more often than not find jubbas that are stitched poorly or have incomplete cuffs. We make it our business to make your jubbas flawless. We believe in delivering quality. Our quality control team can find even the smallest defects and mistakes and rectify them immediately. Our stitching is neat and clean, there is not stich that is out of place. Our amazing looking jubbas will definitely attract eyes towards you wherever you go. Nice stitching is how people measure the talent and quality of the brand. It adds to the whole.

Embroidery gives your ….. character

If you are planning to wear your jubba for a more festive occasion that calls for a more modern and fashionable look then we are just what you need. We offer you customized embroidery options to make your jubbas look amazing and exactly what you want it to look. We stitch light embroidery on the neck and collars to give it a more regal and majestic look. Delicate and intricate embroidery on your dishdasha is what you need in your life.

The fabric will make you feel luxurious

We take choosing the fabric of your ….. as serious business. The fabric is what makes or brakes the hwole of a jubbah. That is why we make sure that it is up to quality. The fabric is made of 100%spun polyester. It not only makes it an absorbent materials that is suitable for summers. It has many benefits as well:

Easy to wash

Not itchy and stiff on the skin

Light on the skin


What more could you possibly want? We have given you all the best choices in just one ……

Why us?

We offer amazing discount deals, we don’t only have men’s jubbah collection, but women and children’s apparel as well. Additionally, we also deal in special gift cards, Arabian gifts like scented candles and much more. We also have prayer mats, fragrant incenses, Health care and beauty tools and products. Children’s toys and books. This place has exactly what you need.

We support our customers all the way. The return policy on our products will leave you stress-free in case you have any troubles with it.

Amazing customer service!

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