Triple White Omani Dishdasha summer collection is the stuff of your dreams!

Triple White Omani Dishdasha summer collection is the stuff of your dreams!

Everyone wants to look trendy in these modern times. For this, you need top-of-the-line accoutrements and clothes. Hub Alhaya offers you all that you need in this one-stop-shop! Your personality is determined by your dressing. And the Triple White Omani Dishdasha will catch your peer’s attention at any of your formal occasions or even a casual day out. That is dishdashas are so in right now! You can look at the part no matter what the occasion.

What you want and what we offer; Variety!

Even with the western influence on the rise, men in Saudi Arabian Gulf prefer Kandura and Dishdasha to Western clothes. This dishdasha holds traditional elegance that provides clothes and charm of their clothes. Men not only use them on special occasions such as marriage and official meetings, but they also use them from day to day casually. Like universities, schools, and such. That is why we know that you need some variety. That is exactly what we provide you at Hub Alhaya!

A pop of colour to add to your ensemble!

If you are looking to add colours, then worry not, we have a whole collection of colourful summer dishdashas just for you. Mint green shades, light blue shades, peach and so much more. These beautiful light colours look soothing and give off a calming effect to whoever looks at you. In the desert summer, Middle Eastern men tend to wear clothes that are lighter in shade to fight the heat.

We have it all!

as you must know different dishdashas possess different attributes according to their region, Omani dishdasha is also known to have distinct attributes. Our Omani traditional dress male has no collar, but it does have a short tassel attached at the neck. For your convenience, we make our tassels detachable. So you can detach it when washing it or hanging it in your closet. It prevents the tassel from tangling into other things and risking damage to your thobe.

Look fashionable no matter wherever you are!

We believe in being fashionably elegant. Our incredible collection of Thobes will give you the modern look you want, while watching beautiful and dapper to any formal or semiformal event. Hub Alhaya dishdasha is an elegant choice to wear as magnifies your persona while looking simplistically stunning.

Fine sewing and majestic delicate embroidery!

Our selection of embroidery is also out of this world. It's so precise and neat that you have to buy one for or yourself at affordable rates! And it is that the cost is very affordable as well

We pride ourselves in conducting professional online buiness. Our hand-sewn dishdasha is sewn with finesse and hard work. There will not be a single faulty stitch in sight!

Reasonable prices

We do not put a load on your wallet for our incredible Omani Kandura. Why wait for your website for more colors and varieties in your wardrobe! We have great offers and sales that will make your hands itching to add these dishdashas to your cart. Your order will be delivered to your door in 4 to 5 business days guaranteed. Hub Alhaya will not ever deliver you faulty products and the goods just for more benefits. We believe in providing excellence and respectable service.

Why us?

Hub Alhaya provides you with tongue-tying monthly sales and buy 1 get 1 free deal and discounts on our products. We have a wide selection of high-quality men, women and children wear as well. In addition, we also offer special gifts in Arabic as scented candles, gift cards and much more. Health care and beauty tools and products. Toys and children's books. This place is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. We also have prayer mats, scented candles and so much more!

We support our customers for a fault. Our product return policy will leave you without stress in case you have problems.

Amazing customer service!

Visit us at to check out any details and products without hesitation. You can contact or get in touch with us at +447922238272 or email us at We have a customer service team who are experts in the management and resolution of your problems in a matter of minutes. For daily updates about new offers and sales, join and subscribe to our monthly newsletter and stay updated on the new sales, deals and trends we are following and the new prices that are on sale.