Choosing the Triple White Omani Dishdasha is always the right choice!

Choosing the Triple White Omani Dishdasha is always the right choice!

Here’s a question for you. When you have seen a middle eastern anywhere that isn’t wearing a thobe? Exactly, almost close to none. Why? Because it’s their tradition. And they have been keeping it alive to such an extent that 67% of Middle Eastern men wear kanduras daily. This undoubtedly calls for a variety in your wardrobe. And this Omani dishdasha online is the perfect addition to yours. We get it! Wearing a dishdasha that almost looks the same is very boring and off-putting for the person you are with as well. These days, making the first impression is everything. And 99% of people will tell you that most first impressions are made with your clothes. So why not indulge yourself with the amazing thobes at Hub Alhaya. 

White has no equal!

Omani traditional dress male is what you see everywhere that how much popular that is. No matter how many styles and verities there are you always come back to white, in the end White will always be on centre stage. It will always not be just a colour to suit other colours, but a colour in itself. When you wear an Omani kandura you will command everyone’s presence. Like a nucleus of a cell. Everyone’s eye will be on you. 

White colours symbolism

The colour white has always represented peace and love. Whenever you see someone wearing white, you feel an aura of peace and fulfilment from that individual. When you wear this Omani dishdasha online the white colours adds weight to your personality. It makes you feel the emotions of inner strength and growth. Religion is the biggest point here. Wearing white thobes always creates a sense of awareness of your religion. Did know that ALLAH has chosen white colour for Prophet PBUH for it is the best colour in HIS eyes. Through many viable accounts, it is heard that the colour that Prophet PBUH has been seen wearing the most is white. Prophet PBUH loyal disciples also used to wear white clothes the most. 

Wear it everywhere you like!

White colours is such a peaceful colour that exudes no arrogance, no loud meaning, just a serene sense of the whole. That is why many men wear Omani dishdasha UK Daily. You can wear it to schools, universities or on a casual day out with friends. Omani kandura Will always be a good choice to wear any day of the week. But it creates your presence if you wear it on occasions like EID, or going to Masjid to offer prayers and other Islamic celebrations. 

Enhance your look with a simple embroidered Omani traditional dress

Hub Alhaya is known for its very fine stitching and even delicate embroidery. We give you the best subtle formal look for all your main events and celebrations. We do our embroidery on the chest and cuffs. Using beautiful silver and white threads we make your Triple White Omani Dishdasha the best one you have ever laid eyes on. A white thobe brings everyone together with a mutual feeling of belonging and unity.

We have all the styles you need!

Providing you with quality variety is Hub Alhaya's aim. We want your wardrobe to be full of options to start your day with confidence and self-assurance. We have:

  • Omani thobes
  • Kuwaiti thobes
  • Emirati thobe

All these styles are very significant to Middle Eastern regions and cultures. Because we know that every place has its fashion, its own culture. And we bring all that to you just a touch away at Hub Alhaya!

Why us?

We offer amazing discount deals, we don’t only have men’s jubbah collection, but women's and children’s apparel as well. Additionally, we also deal in special gift cards, Arabian gifts like scented candles, and much more. We also have prayer mats, fragrant incenses, Health care, and beauty tools and products. Children’s toys and books. We support our customers all the way. The return policy on our products will leave you stress-free in case you have any troubles with them.

Amazing customer service!

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