Emirati Jubba - Men’s collection

Emirati Jubba - Men’s collection

Dishdasha is a traditional tunic used by the men of the Arabian Peninsula, namely Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the sultanate of Oman, Qatar, etc. That being the case, this attire is used differently according to the cultures and customs of the country. Next, find out in detail the different ways of properly using the dishdasha.

Dishdasha: What is it?

Also known as "Kandoura", "Kamis", or "Thawb", the Dishdasha is the traditional basic attire of the Gulf men. This long-sleeved tunic is often accompanied by the Chachia, Ghoutra, Keffiyeh, or Shemagh.

Mainly united blank or red and white checkered, these touches are used to protect yourself from sand and sun. In general, these are established using a species of black-lined rope made of goat wool.

In winter or on special occasions, the dishdasha can be used with a BISHT, a long embroidered capon adorned with golden threads that slide like a coat. Generally, white, long, and wide, the dishdasha is easily recognizable. However, if you look carefully, we will notice that you have some details that vary depending on the country in particular.

The different ways of carrying the dishdasha.

Dishdasha is usually made of cotton, but you can also find your "winter" version in wool. The style of this long garment differs according to those contemplated from the Gulf, especially on the necklace and sleeves.

For example, in the United Arab Emirates, the Dishdasha has a round necklace on the neck and is used with a Ghoutra and with or without sometimes perfumed with OUD. In Saudi Arabia, it is mostly more refined and integrates a high necklace.

In Qatar, the necklace is also in a vertical position, and the sleeves are wide and tight or open, to reveal a clock. Finally, in the sultanate of Oman, it is not accompanied by a Ghoutra, but by around cotton and an embroidered cap, called "Kumma" or a "Mussar", which is a turban for special occasions.

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