Bring some colour in your life with Men’s Emirati Jubba

Bring some colour in your life with Men’s Emirati Jubba

As you will know, a Thobe (also known as Jubbah) is a long and longitudinal ankle garment, similar to a tunic, which is commonly used by men throughout the Middle East.

Used for millennia in the region, Thobes has a long and historical history, and for many men of the Middle East, they remain a key component of the wardrobe to this day.

Used at any time of the day and suitable for a range of occasions, the Thobe is a versatile piece used by men of all social backgrounds, classes, and professions.

Most Thobes generally have long sleeves and are made of peach cotton to reflect the sun and help keep the body fresh, although depending on which region they are used, they can differ slightly in appearance. Two of Emirati style thobe most popular styles are Saudi and Emirati variations.

Saudi style

In Saudi Arabia, almost everywhere, where you look to see men and children dressed in an Emirati style thobe. If the weather is hot, people will dress with only peach uncles, although when temperatures are not so scorching, it is not uncommon to see garments of darker colours that can be made of wool. Saudi-style Emirati style thobe tends to have a slightly stricter fit. It also has a collar of two buttons, with sleeves of a shirt that may require. This style of Emirati style thobe is usually accompanied by red and peach chequered head heads called Bisht, which looks great if you can do well, that is, since it is notoriously difficult to dominate!

Emirati style

Just on the other side of the Saudi border in the United Arab Emirates, which is another country where you will detect the Emirati Jubba practically everywhere. It is often referred to here as a Kandura, Thobes used in the EAUs are similar to the Saudi style, although there are some notable differences between the two.

Are you looking for an Emirati Jubba? hub-alhaya can help!

So now you know the difference between the styles of Saudi and Emirati, In hub-alhaya, we made a selection of Thobes in Emirati and Saudi styles, and all our pieces are designed using a supreme quality fabric for an ultra-comfortable fit.

Our Saudi-style guys are produced by the brand venerated as Aseel, and these garments are made with soft and premium quality cotton that is designed to feel amazing in the skin when used. These Thobes also come with two side pockets, with an additional pocket stitched on the chest for good measure.

Ultimately, what style of Thobe chooses to descend well to the personal choice, but the rest assured that in which you decide, you are getting a quality garment that will mean you are dressed to impress, be the occasion.

The Emirati style thobe is the only garment you will find you use everywhere. Forward and owns in all available colours: Limited options anyway. It does not matter, it is not necessary to change it every season and, certainly, do not need to worry about changing every week because there is no liberation. What you see is what you will get. Honestly, you will see the same style everywhere. Of course, you can find different styles and designs for occasions, but that's it. Do not wait for anything else. And if you just want to stay with the simple, without fantasy business, you can also do it. Because it will work everywhere, regardless of what is the occasion.

It is as simple, honestly.

Imagine opening your wardrobe and seeing a perfect set of items that can remove the suspension, match anything, and at the end, go. That is the beauty of the Emirati style, thobe minimalist. Take all the precious time of your morning routine and see as easily elegant as always. With the help of a Thobe, this could be you.

The beauty of a minimalist wardrobe is its simplicity. You know that everything in your wardrobe will coincide so that it does not have to emphasize it, in addition, it does not have to be boring about it. If you want to add a colour pop with your shoes or a jacket or perhaps an accessory like a scarf, you can also do it.

Literally, without stress! Any fashion-conscious man will tell you that Emirati style thobe is an important feature in Menswear modest. Fashion statements will come and come, but the Emirati style thobe will stay. It is adaptable. In recent times, modest designers and influential have shown that Emirati style thobe can be used in a variety of settings and accessories, from poles to Cardigans.

The easiest way to make the most of your Thobe is to lose your neck. Without the necklace to worry about, you can use your tuff with different types of styles or garments completely.

A throw is about using tones and colours in harmony. Reproduce you are subtle using the same tones or the darker colours with the dark-coloured Thobes.            

Why us?

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