Let's talk fashion! Peach Emirati Jubba is just the thing you need

Let's talk fashion! Peach Emirati Jubba is just the thing you need

These days, everybody wants a look that is fresh and invigorating. You can’t blame men for wanting to dress fashionably. But when it comes to fashion in the Middle East, sometimes you are met with some fashion blocks. But not to worry Hub Alhaya is here to dispel your last year’s clothes with its exciting and new summer collection of men's Jubba.

With the influence of westerns fashion, you might think that the jubbah is not what you might add to your wardrobe, but that’s not it! Did you know that 67% of Middle Eastern men wear thobes and jubbahs daily? Why? Partly because it’s a tradition and mostly because when a Middle Eastern man is dressed in a full ensemble of a thobe attire, he has a certain charm that other men fail to achieve.

What is new with Hub Alhayas summer collection?

Summer is here, and we know how hot it gets in the desert summer, that is why we are here with a brand-new collection just for you. Lighten up your wardrobe with some summer colors that will make your busy day lookup. This year’s collection of Emirati Jubba entails such beautiful and sublime colours that are soothing to the eyes. If you want to look decent as well as trendy in the same getup then Hub Alhaya online shopping store is your one-stop-shop for everything clothes. 

Why an Emirati Jubba?

In the Middle East, men wear thobes almost daily. They can wear it to any occasion they want. To schools, universities, offices, mosques, formal events like weddings, and officials' meetings. But it does get boring wearing the same type of men's thobe UK that is why this year Hub Alhaya has brought new colours and designs that will liven up your wardrobe while giving you something new to wear. Creating a new-look now and then with Hub Alhaya will be in your favour. So head on to our website and pressure your heart contents into our thobes collection of all styles, colours, and designs!

Look elegant and modest wherever you are!

Now you don’t have to roam from shop to shop just to get an outfit that suits you. We know how disappointing it is for you to visit so many shops and still not get what you wanted all along. Well, not to worry. Hub Alhaya is here all you have to do is visit our website and check our selection in the comfort of your home. We have all sizes to cater to.

Summer colours are the best!

If you have ever visited the Middle East or are a native, then you would have seen many men wear white thobes. White and light colours in summers are more preferred by men. Why? Well firstly because light colours in the desert heat help you stay cool but also because they look elegant and give you an aura of excellence. Who wouldn’t want to look majestic in beautiful colours in summers? Exactly no one. No, visit our website today and order one right now!

So many styles you cannot keep track of!

There are many types of Jubba styles in the Middle East that is distinct to their specific region. And we have it all. Whatever style you want, we got it. Hub Alhaya has the biggest collection of different style jubbahs you have ever seen. We have

Kuwaiti style

Emirati style

Omani style and so much more. Primarily our Emirati style thobe is designed to have a round collar that looks regal and majestic. This whole look will make you look commanding and give you the confidence to tackle anything that the day has in store for you. These days it is difficult to look trendy, modern and modest at the same time, but here we are Emirati style thobe is just the thing you are looking for.

There is also a tassel that is attached at the centre of the collar that comes to the length of your torso, and just for your convenience, we have made it attachable! So now it won’t get stuck when you are washing your thobe or hanging it in your closet. How wonderful. Hub Alhaya strives to create opportunities that bring you to ease.

Amazing stitching and delicate embroidery

Hub Alhaya deals in some of the most fascinating and superb-looking jubbahs you have ever seen. That is our guarantee. The stitching is neat and beautiful that when you wear our Peach Emirati Jubba it becomes you. The embroidery of these thobes is also on another level. We make sure that the embroidery is delicate and intricate to give you the handsome look you will be proud o ear to an occasion like a wedding or an official's meeting. All eyes will be on you no matter what.

Fabric quality is just heavenly!

The fabric material is what it comes down to for customers. That is why we take great care in selecting fabrics for your thobes. Our dishdashas are made of 100% polyester. This material has its many benefits:


Easy to wash


Light on the skin


Adds quality to your character, what more could you want out of your Peach Emirati Jubba!

So head on over to Hub Alhaya and have the best shop of our lives at affordable rates and fast delivery right to your doorstep!

Why us?

We offer amazing sale deals and discounts, so keep your eyes peeled for anything special you want to purchase from Hub Alhaya. We don’t only make men’s wear, but women and children’s as well. Furthermore, we also deal in special Arabian gifts like scented candles, gift cards, and much more. Health care and beauty tools and products. Kid toys and books. This place is truly a one-stop-shop for all your needs. We also have prayer mats, fragrant incenses.

We support our customers to a fault. Our product return policy will leave you stress-free in case you have any troubles with it.

Amazing customer service!

Visit us at https://www.hub-alhaya.com/ for any details and queries you can constantly without hesitation. You can call us directly at +447922238272 or email us at info@hub-alhaya.com. We have a team of customer care who are experts at handling and solving your problems in a matter of minutes. To get daily updates on new deals and sales, please join and subscribe to our monthly newsletter and stay current on what new trends we are following and new prices that are on sale!