Dress in comfort and style with Simple Peach Emirati Jubba

Dress in comfort and style with Simple Peach Emirati Jubba

Gone are the days when you had to roam from a store to buy clothes. Especially in corona times when people cannot easily go out shopping Hub Alhaya is here to offer you its widest collection of thobes right in the comfort of our home. Did you know that Middle Eastern men wear a thobe or a dishdasha 67% of the time, then any other clothes? The Middle East is probably one of the few countries that have not been fully influenced by western fashion. That said, you also have to understand that every place has its own culture and fashion sense. Men in the Middle East wear a thobe partly because of tradition and partly because of necessity.

We bring the shop to you!

You don’t need a tailor any more we have it already made for you to wear. All the amazing men's thobe UK in different styles is at your disposal at the touch of your smartphone. Now you don’t have to come home disappointed and tired from a shopping spree that you bought nothing for yourself from. We understand your dilemma. Especially in the hot, scorching heat of the summer, when you come back home empty-handed. So check out what our summer collection has in store for you. 

Variety is the spice of life

Wearing a men's thobe UK of the same kind can be boring especially if you wear it almost every day to school, universities hence that is why you need variety in styles and colours. Many men are partial to wearing white dishdashas in summer. Why? Because in the summer heat, lighter shades help you cool down. They reflect the hot rays of the sun somewhat and provide you safety from sandstorms and the heat. The colours are what adds to the break in the dull cycle of repetition. You don’t want our friends to think you are wearing the same outfit almost every day, right? So invest in a very affordable wardrobe change with amazing styles like:

  • Emirati style
  • Omani style
  • Kuwaiti style

All these styles are the same at heart, the difference you will find between them is the collar and tassels that go with it. And that is the minimalistic approach. If you want to wear it proper accessories, you will be the start of attraction at any event. The accessories like headdresses and belts make a significant change in your whole look.

What does an emirate style thobe looks like?

Every style has some significant attributes to it emeriti style is no different. A simple emirate style thobe has a length that comes down to the length of your ankles with full sleeves. There is also a tassel attached to the chest. This tassel's length sees down to your torso. Paired with the right accessories this majestic men's Jubba will steal the show wherever you go. 

Embroidery and stitching is amazing

Many online shopping stores do not give a care about the quality of their products and that is exactly how they lose customers. We believe that quality is the merit of our brand. Every service and product we offer you is the best. And the stitching and embroidery quality is not different. Your dishdashas are stitched by hand. There is not a stitch out of place. The embroidery is also superb, it’s the perfect mix of intricate and majestic. It does not overpower the whole dishdasha but just enhances its overall look. White and silver embroidery on your Emirati Jubba is always the best choice to with on formal occasions and events. 

Wear it anywhere you want!

You can not only wear it as a casual outfit but to formal events like weddings, engagements, and officials meetings. With just a little embroidery on the chest and cuffs of your men's Jubba, your whole look will transform in a matter of seconds. Embroidery looks very delicate and elegant on your dishdasha and will give you charm and attention everywhere you go. 

We aim to bring you comfort and style in one clothing item

We make sure to provide our customers maximum comfort through our men's Jubba. We choose the right fabric and the colour that goes together. It is 100% polyester that is easy to wear, stretchable, breathable, and resistant to stains. The best part about this is that it’s hard to create as well. So this Emirati style thobe is the perfect match for those people who are not a fan of ironing your clothes every time you wear them. In addition, the tassel that is attached to This is detachable. For your convenience, you can take it off when you are washing it, so it does not get tangled in other things.

Why us?

We offer amazing discount deals, we don’t only have men’s jubbah collection, but women's and children’s apparel as well. Additionally, we also deal in special gift cards, Arabian gifts like scented candles, and much more. We also have prayer mats, fragrant incenses, Health care, and beauty tools and products. Children’s toys and books. This place has exactly what you need.

We support our customers all the way. The return policy on our products will leave you stress-free in case you have any troubles with them.

Amazing customer service!

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