Ma’amoul Bakhoor Variety Box

ma'amoul bakhoor

Ma’amoul Bakhoor Variety Box


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  • 10 Mixed Bakhoor Pieces
  • Bakhoor Burner
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One of the best introductions to Dukhni Ma’amoul Bakhoor, which makes a fantastic gift, as well! The 10 large pieces of bakhoor are in an assortment of fragrances (Ma’amoul Mukhallat, Ma’amoul Ya Aini, Attar Al Bakhoor, Ma’amoul Mubakhar, Oud Abyad), so you get to choose your favorite! It comes with our signature Persian Exotic Bakhoor burner, to burn the bakhoor using a t-lite candle with less smoke, but a rich fragrance!

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