The simplistic elegance of the White Emirati thobe will make you the centre of attention anywhere.

The simplistic elegance of the White Emirati thobe will make you the centre of attention anywhere.

A thobe is a traditional robe for men in the Arabian Gulf. This amazing garment dates back to the middle Ages. It has since become a staple of tradition. This is such a spectacular traditional dress for men that it has stayed alive or kept alive by men wearing it all this time still. Now that’s a dedication to culture. A thobe has many names, some common ones are thobe, jubbah, dishdasha, and kandura. They resemble another Arabian garment called the kaftan. They are available in many styles and colours. In old times you could only find different shades of white, but now there are more colours and varieties you can’t even imagine. But as the saying goes, old is gold. People always come back to tradition and fashion returns after a decade or two. Well whatever the reason, Hub Alhaya is here to offer you some of the best deals you can get on White Omani thobe

What is a White Emirati thobe?

The White omani thobe Is the best one yet in our opinion. Why? Well, it is the most formal and most liked by our customers. This style has a tassel hanging by its neck. The tassel is what distinguishes this style as Omani. In the Omani style, the tassel comes down to the waistline from the chest. With a simple neckline, you will look at the epitome of simplicity in its best form. Well as we said there are many styles and colours but at the heart of it, it is quite a simple, graceful garment for men. It is a long-sleeved, from neck to ankle length garment usually made of light fabric materials.

The majority is the authority!

 Did you know that most men from the UK prefer Emirati jubbah over western clothes? While western clothes offer more fashion and fanfare, men with simple taste will find that a White Omani thobe is just exactly what suits them the best. We have so many options of styles for you here. Namely:

  1. Kuwaiti Men’s thobe Jubba
  2. Omani Men’s thobe Jubba
  3. Emirati Men’s thobe Jubba

All these have the same essential shape, with little minor details to styles that distinguish them from one another. We make sure to tell our customers all about the different styles and what occasion’s suit what style the best.

We have the best seams and embroidery!

No stitch will be out of place at all. We also customize the embroidery along with a catalogue of the reason you want in the Thobe Jubba of your men. The seams and embroidery are those that determine the quality of a well-sided attire. We make sure our outfit is the best by far. Our Emirati jubbah is the best in our trade, and you can see it. All our stitches are handmade. Our embroidery is also done by hand. It is the greatest you have ever seen. We do not embroider heavy spots. We believe in minimalist beauty. A small classy embroidery around the hems and collar, and you will look awe-inspiring with a timeless fashion sparkle.

Providing you with quality White Emirati thobe at amazing prices!

At Hub Alhaya we give him incredible discount offers of your life! But now all you need to do is connect and add a spectacular collection of Thobe Jubba for men in your cart and pay, it is that simple. We make sure that you get quality with surety. A White Emirati thobe is essentially a summer garment. Hence, we make it with an amazing fabric blend of cotton and polyester that is hard to crease, easy to wash, and breathable. It is safe to say that our White Omani thobe is very popular as it is very light and soft to the touch.

Emirati jubbah makes for a heartfelt gift.

If you are from a big family, then you will know that giving clothing garments to your family and friends as a gift on important occasions is a tradition. So why not gift two or three to the important men of your family and life. Clothes for a gift are always the best option, let us tell you. It is a guarantee that they will love it and look amazing while wearing it. We also have deals on them, if you buy three, you get one free complimentary.

Why us? 

If your looking for anything Islamic then Hub Alhaya is your place to go. We boast one of the largest collection of thobes and colours within the UK. We have matching outfits for our boys and our collection is every growing with selections for women, from abayas to modern daily outfits. Our catalogue is forever growing with our Islamic learning book collection, oil and perfumes from all over the globe. Visit our page now at and check out our huge range of products. 

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