The best Omani thobes in the UK you will ever see in your life!

The best Omani thobes in the UK you will ever see in your life!

A Thobe is the traditional male tunic that is used in the Arabian Gulf. The use of Thobes dates back to the Middle Ages, and since then it has become the national dress of most Muslim countries. A Thawb, Thobe, or Jubbah, also known as a dishdasha or Kandura, is an Arabic ankle outfit with long sleeves that resemble a tunic or kaftan. They are available in different styles and colours, as well as several names.

The term Thobe is derived from an Arabic word, which means 'a garment'. It is often a suit of a white piece, well-ironed, that covers the male body of the neck to the ankle, shoulder to the wrist. The style of long-sleeved tunic style is usually made of silk.

Arab's men prefer to dress in white and lighter tones of silky feelings in summer because they are the freshest in the heat of the desert that encompasses. The darker, like black or brown colours, are most commonly used in the winter months and are made of thick fabric, such as cotton or viscose. Check out our list of best-selling, regularly updated by our stylists according to customer demand and fashion trends.

We all know why we buy any clothing item.

We want to look as good as possible. Clothing is an extension of our personalities and allows us to project the image we want to project to the rest of the world. 

Your Omani thobe can help you do that. But you need to know how to use it so that you look like the part.

Of that, this article aims to help you. Follow these four tips to make sure that Omani thobes the UK that looks so well in the store is equally incredible when it takes it. 

Tip # 1 - Check for adjustment

This is an obvious point for any clothing item, but it is much more important for a Men’s Omani thobe what it is for most other garments.

Remember that a Men’s Omani thobe covers all your body. That means you have to consider more measurements than you would do for a shirt or a pair of pants.

The two key measurements here are your chest size and the length of the Omani thobes. If you are carrying a little additional weight around the stomach area, you may also want to consider yourself when choosing. Obtaining these measures to the right ensures that the Thobe adjusts correctly and does not cling to areas where you do not wish.

Be sure to check the returns' policy when buying a Thobe Online. Remember that you cannot try the Omani thobes in the UK before buying it when you buy it online.

Tip # 2 - Choose the correct colour 

We all know that white is the traditional colour for an Omani thobe in the UK. The variants of the old school tend to be a steep white without another cut.

But Thobe's most recent designs have begun to add small colour splashes to put the whites a little more. Take our Urban Omani thobes in the UK as an example. The garment is mostly white, saved for a couple of small splashes of blue that make it stand out.

Omani thobes UK of two tones has become increasingly common in the modern era. And it is also possible to find Thobes that move away from traditional white. 

The key here is to make sure that the colours coincide with the purpose of Thobe. You will want to go to a simple target when buying a Thobe for a traditional event. However, it is likely freer to experience a little more when buying Thobes for more casual occasions.

It is also a good idea to verify the thickness of the material. An almost transparent white thobe is not going to do a lot so that it looks elegant or refined.

Tip # 3 – matching with accessories

You can jazz the traditional white thobe with a few accessories. But you need to take care of what you choose. For example, using black trainers with a white Men’s Omani thobe does not look very well. The same goes for the use of baseball caps and similar accessories. Go for something a little more elegant. A good watch can make your kandura look fabulously well, just like a blazer from a tight suit. Of course, you should find the right Men’s Omani thobe before you can access it. Jubbas can help! Check out our catalog to find a lot of traditional and contemporary designs. 

Fabric: 70% polyester, 30% viscose.

A variation of striking Islamic men’s Omani thobe, classic Omani style. Designed with immaculately accurate knit lines. The fluid light fabric makes this a large package.

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