Simple Peach Emirati Jubba is the best choice for you at Hub Alhaya!

Simple Peach Emirati Jubba is the best choice for you at Hub Alhaya!

Hub Alhaya is the one-stop-shop for all your thobe needs! We have all the varieties, colours, and styles you could ever need and want. Gone are the days when you had to walk from shop to shop or drive an hour to the nearest mall for some decent options and variety to add to your wardrobe. Shopping like this in the desert heat is the worst thing you can think of, with aching feet and legs from walking all day, headaches, and sweating due to the scorching summer heat. Hub Alhaya is here to give the best and amazing deals of your life in just one place that you do not have to get up from your couch to go to! That’s right. All the amazing wardrobe choices are at your disposal with just a tap of your fingers on your phone.  

Shopping from the comfort of your house is what we provide all our customers! Why? Because providing convenience to our loyal customer is our goal. Now you can select whatever you fancy with a swipe and add it to your cart.

Let’s catch you up on the norms and types of kanduras we have! We have:

  • Kuwaiti thobes

  • Omani thobes

  • Emirati thobes

All thobes almost look the same, but it’s the style and accessories along with region or culture it represents. You must know that fashion is constantly changing and evolving, it is also quite clear that every place has its fashion that is suitable to its people, religion, culture, and national identity. A thobe is one such apparel that represents Saudi Arabian pride as a representation of culture, history, traditions, and most importantly identity.

Why is a Simple Peach Emirati Jubba So appealing?

Traditionally a thobe comes down to the ankle-length with long sleeves. Further accessories can depend on region decorative ornaments and personal style as well. Some people wear headdresses or khanjars (a dagger) with belts made of camel’s reins with black robes a well. You can also pair your Simple Peach Emirati Jubba With good-looking shoes and watch even a waistcoat as well.

With Men’s jubbah, there is a tassel that is attached to the chest of the dishdasha that gives it a sophisticated look there is. A Men’s jubbah is already a very simplistic and humble-looking outfit. So adding a little pizazz to it will be in your favour. 

Why do you need more Emirati Jubbah?

Is there a reason to justify buying new outfits? Not really but people who like to keep track of their purchases tend to fall behind in updating their wardrobes. But if there is any reason, this reason will motivate you to splurge /a little on your clothes. Did you know that 67% of men wear a dishdasha daily? Exactly if you wear a thobe daily then you are bound to run out of options to wear to mix it up a little! You will look dull, drab and boring. So updating your wardrobe once in a while to stay with the fashion of the time is not harmful. The selection here is endless!

Wear it anywhere you want!

Men wear a dishdasha to schools, universities, their jobs, and other everyday places. But that’s not it, you can also wear it on formal occasions like a wedding, engagements or an officials meetings. Isn’t it amazing? One outfit that can be easily worn on many occasions. Now you will never miss out on an opportunity to look handsome and majestic at any event, may it be casual or formal.

Save your money!

You might not know this, but Hub Alhaya saves you money! How? Well, an outfit that can be worn on any formal/casual affair needs no extra money spending. It's just like a one-and-done deal! We also have weekly sales and discount offers on Emirati Jubbah for all our customers. So what are you waiting for? Get on the shopping spree you have been wanting! 

Why us?

We not only sell men’s wear, but women’s and children’s wear as well. All your products are according to the standards of Middle Eastern fashion and quality. And that is just our clothes section! Visit our page at and check out the children’s toys and supplies collection that has you adding it to your cart in seconds. We have additional health and main care products as well. You will want for nothing here because we have taken the liberty to think of everything before you even ask for it! We have all kinds of ouds and scents with scented candles that have will soothe and unnerve you the best way possible.

So what are you waiting for, if you have any queries or problems you can call +447922238272, we have a dedicated team of customer service that will cater to all your problems professionally and efficiently? If you want to join our monthly newsletter to get the best deals and sale items, then email us at and stay updated on everything new about us! So don’t get the best thobes you will never wear in your life!