Simple Black Emirati Jubba is the elegant minimalistc look you want for winters!

Simple Black Emirati Jubba is the elegant minimalistc look you want for winters!

Winter is coming, and what a perfect way to welcome it with an amazing-looking jubbah that will double your charm. We know you don’t want to scour from shop to shop just to buy something that you will not even like in the end. That is why Hub Alhaya is here to provide you with the best selection of winter collection thobes right in the comfort of your home.

Did you know?

That 67% of Middle Eastern men wear a thobe or a dishdasha daily? They can wear it where ever they want. Men usually wear them to schools, universities, and a casual day out and even on formal occasions and events like weddings, office meetings, and even officials' meetings or gathering. A dishdasha is something you can wear any hour of the day, it’s that comfortable to wear. You might think that’s excessive, but it’s not really, most of it is just tradition.

Western culture and fashion have influenced many cultures but due to tradition Middle East and the close UAE gulf countries

Why Simple Black Emirati Jubba?

Black is considered the most classy and chic colour in the world of fashion. It looks gorgeous, serious, and modest at the same time. If you are thinking of making an impression in a meeting or the main event, then this is deftly the choice of clothing we would recommend. Men have a different charm who wear black, it gives them a mysterious and intellectual aura. It is the perfect colour with no fuss, no muss background. If you suddenly have to go to an event, you don’t have to figure out what accessories to wear with your men's Jubba why? Because everything goes with black! Black while being ark and mysterious is also laid back and easy. When you wear black clothes, you do not have to make an effort to make you enable work. It works itself out. Middle Eastern men have more of a wheatish completion, that is why black colour suits them the best. It brings out your features and chiselled body figure more prominently.

Hub Alhaya has it all

Like we said, every place in this world has its own fashion, its own culture. Similarly, Middle East is filled with regions and places in which men wear different styles of dishdasha. A thobe generally falls to the length of ankles and has long sleeves. Whether it has a tassel or a collar depends on what style you are wearing or want. Emirati style is attributed to have no collar and a long tassel. At Hub Alhaya we make it easy for you to wear it. How? The tassel is detachable. So you wash it with ease and without the danger of it getting tangled or stuck in your washing machine or anything else while hanging it in your wardrobe.

Hub Alhaya also has:

  • Omani style
  • Kuwaiti style

Because we know that wearing the same styles might bore you.

Clean stitching elevates your look

Provides neat and cleanly stitched clothes is what we aim to achieve. Many other online shopping stores do not deliver quality products, but with us, you see is what you get and what you get will make you happy beyond reason. A simple minimalistic Emirati style thobe look elegant and charming but with our hand stitched expertise, it looks a work of art. Clean stitching is a sign of good quality. And we deliver quality at its best.

Choosing the best material for you!

In our summer collection, we use a cotton and polyester blend to make it light and airy, but in winter we use a special polyester that gives the warmth of wool. This material is practical as well as comfortable. Fashion and clothes that cater to both these attributes are sought after the most. We make sure that the men's thobe the UK you buy from us are satisfactory.

  • It is easy to wash and clean
  • Absorbent material
  • Light and airy
  • Breathable and easy to wear.

It will fit you no matter what!

We have a variety of sizes that will definitely fit you. Form small to large. No matter what figure you have, you are never too old or too young to wear a quality dishdasha. Many people have size issues when they buy their thobes online, but not us. We provide you every possible size that will accommodate you to its maximum capability. Even if there is a problem or in case we don’t have your size, we can also customize it for you as well!

Embroidery for formal occasions!

Emirati Jubba at Hub Alhaya are elegantly majestic and regal with embroidery. Black colour is the erect thobe for embroidery to seal the show. Any colour looks vibrant and beautiful against black, that is the beauty of our black thobe. We specialize in doing intricate and delicate embroidery on the chest and the cuffs' section of any dishdasha. This dishdasha with embroidery will catch the attention of everyone n the room wherever you will go.

Why us?

We offer amazing discount deals, we don’t only have men’s jubbah collection, but women's and children’s apparel as well. Additionally, we also deal in special gift cards, Arabian gifts like scented candles, and much more. We also have prayer mats, fragrant incenses, Health care, and beauty tools and products. Children’s toys and books. This place has exactly what you need.

We support our customers all the way. The return policy on our products will leave you stress-free in case you have any troubles with them.

Amazing customer service!

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