Kuwaiti thobes - Men’s Collection

Kuwaiti thobes - Men’s Collection

Our spring 2022 collection has been designed for today's modest man. The classic courts combined with modern colours give these Thobes the perfect Chenille touch.

Luxury Kuwaiti thobe embroidered in closing, necklace, and sleeves. This Jubba is ideal for weddings, baptisms, or other ceremonies.

Cloth for all seasons’ high slightly rigid range for a perfect Kuwaiti thobe for boys cloth once used. Bahraini necklace stretch. Close with cords. Classic sleeves. Embroidery 9 of golden colour.

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We have so much variety for you!

Variety is what makes you intriguing. Hub Alhaya has so much for you, you can’t even imagine. We have:

  • Kuwaiti thobes
  • Omani thobes
  • Emirati thobes

Thobes are also known as kanduras, dishdashas, and thawb. They have essentially the same structure. They all have long sleeves and come down to the length of ankles. The difference that makes it distinct from each type are the tassels, neck designs, and collars. In the case of Kuwaiti thobes for men, It is the collar. This thobe style has collars. Collars give your whole outfit a formal and professional aura. 

White in the eyes of Islam

White is perhaps the second colour associated with Islam. White colour symbolizes purity and peace, so it is often used by Muslims attending Friday prayers. Muslims also use it when making sacred pilgrimage rites. The Omeyads chose white by their battle standards when they fought against Abbasid during the caliphate period, and have appeared in many Islamic flags since then.

According to the observation of Muslim academics, White is the best colour, since it is decided by Allah for the prophet PBUH. It is reported that most of the prophet's clothing was white, as his companions observed.

Do you know what the symbolism of white clothes is? When we put together an outfit while using pieces of white clothes, there is a possibility that people can interpret their appearance in a certain way.

After analysing the psychology of the colour of almost all the colour wheels, explaining how using colour can affect your mood, we believe it is time to dig a little more into the symbolism behind the white clothes.

In fashion, White can portray different styles, since it is timeless. Encourages the bearer to wear professional, elegant, modern, elegant, and formal without being dominant.

White is often used during special occasions, religious rituals/practices, or events that demand formal wear. You can also work to bring another colour, emphasize it or highlight it. As the target coincides with each colour, it is universal and will improve the vibration of an outfit.

Bible symbolism of white

Biblically, white represents prophecy, justice, and wisdom. We can find this symbolism within the Bible and popular culture. For example, the two prophetic horses, which incorporate veracity and justice, appeared blank. 

When we think about heaven, something angelic, or something that resembles "kindness", we tend to pair white with him.

One represents life and purity.

Not a stitch out of place!

The fabric material is 100% synthetic fabric! So it is easy to wash, with no fancy instruction to dry-clean it or hand wash it. We hand sew your dishdashas at Hub Alhaya. The stitching quality of Kuwaiti thobe is fabulous. Many online stores don’t pay attention to their stitching quality and that is how they lose customers. We want to make our customers are loyal to you.

We offer you just what you need 

Variations of white

When the target is intact by the colour, we can necessarily not call anything about the white shade. White is not a colour. Then, technically, there are no "shadows" on white. However, there are variations of it!

For example, egg, vanilla, and ivory. When we think about these variations, we group them with white. This is how we classified them; we classify them as variants "out of white".

you will want, Awesome embroidery,!

The embroidery in the Thobes of your man is remarkable and beautiful. Any color that is associated with your white dishdasha will be the default value. White is a colour that embodies all the other colours that is why it does not matter the colour of the threads that you use on white background. Our embroidery is intricate and beautiful. A simple white plate is simple, but a small embroidery on the chest and the wrists will look majestic and seductive to anyone who sees it.

Why us?

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