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Planning to visit Oman? Then Hub Alhaya is the perfect place for you to be! Oman is a beautiful country and just like its culture and history, its clothes are just as colorful and vibrant. Hub Alhaya has the widest selection of Omani thobe than another store online. The clothes of Emirati is are their national pride. It is not just a piece of clothing but a symbol that represents history culture and most important of all their people's identity. What better way to visit and experience Oman in its authentic reality than wearing the clothes they wear? And you can get just that at Hub Alhaya for affordable prices!

What is the Omani thobe?

The Omani thobe is Oman's national dress. It is the same for all the men all around the country. Its main components include dishdasha, wazar khanjar, and a turban or a cap. Thobe, thawb, and dishdasha are the most famous names you can call them by.

How is Omani thobe different from other thobes?

It is a long dress that is collarless. It has the length from the height of your neck to your ankles. As Oman is a dessert area people in summer prefer white cotton Omani thobe. Omani robes differ from season to season. Wearing white-colored clothes in the summer heat is said to keep you cool. Although white is the preferred color to wear in summer for Omani men you can also wear many other different, lighter shaded colors, but when it's winter the fabric becomes thicker and materials like wool Omani thobe are worn. This article of clothing is different from the Omani robes in length and the tassel that is on the chest. With Omani robes, the tassel is shorter and more shifted to the right side of the thobe. It is called tarbousha. Here is a fun tidbit! Did you know that many men use scented tarbousha’s traditionally? But it has to be kept in mind these small features differ from kandura to kandura that is worn on the whole Arab gulf.

What are the norms of wearing a men's Omani thobe? With what accessories?

There is an undergarment that is worn underneath the dishdasha called wazar. It is usually made from cotton and is white. It is generally wrapped around the waist and not tied as the emeriti robe dictates. The wazar length extends to the middle of the calf muscle or even ankles, reaching low. They don’t wear the length of wazar that is longer than the dishdasha. The thread and fabric type not only differ seasonally but geographically as well.

There is also another belt that is called shal that on the festival and formal occasions holds the khanjar/ dagger of sorts. As well as a bisht that is a black cloak make of silk and has beautiful gold linings.

The headgear includes a wool turban called a Mussar with a cap called kummah underneath. It is usually worn by Omani men in summer to protect their faces from desert heat and sand and in winter to keep warm.

What can you expect with our finest collection of Omani thobes in the UK?

The traditional wear of Emirati men is quite simple, it does not have a lavish feeling at all. It should make you feel modest at best. And that is exactly what we deliver with comfort. The fabric we use is made from threads. Everything from the buttons to the loops is stitched by hand. We have skilled craftsmen round the clock who use their hands and feet to maneuver 12 cones of thread at a time. This is the perfect surplus for your wardrobe! The kandura gives you a look of elegance and maturity that is truly majestic in its class.

Features include:

Our hand-stitched Omani collarless thobes have a round neck with 7 line stitches with a V-line stick at the back. It comes with a detachable tassel that hangs from the neck down to stomach length. You are also provided with an amenity of 5 extra handmade buttons. The buttons on the thobe come with built-in loops for closing the buttons. It is stitched with simple open cuffs. They can be embroidered as per your request if you want to wear them to a fancy occasion.

Precautions and fabric care:

These Omani thobes UK are made of 100% spun polyester fabrics that are light on your skin. This fabric will give you a smooth silky touch. The fabric thickens of the tabs are medium and approximately 170g/m2 in weight. If you are buying a white Omani thobe then you can ash it with either light-colored clothes in a warm water wash. In case your thobe is dark-colored we recommend washing it separately. Don’t wash it with non-chlorine bleach. You can dry it on a medium setting as well as iron it on medium heat as well. This cloth is very easy to handle and is very durable to heat and wear and tear.

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