Go big with the fashion statement of the year with White Kuwaiti thobes

Go big with the fashion statement of the year with White Kuwaiti thobes

Well, no need to waste money to buy office attire separately and buy casual wear as well. Double the outfit and double the money. Enter the new era with Hub Alhaya wear, you will get all the outfits that can be worn on all occasions! So get online and check our website for our amazing summer whites Kuwaiti thobe collections. They are majestic and mature looking. Why, well, white is a colour that makes any man look good! It is sombre serious yet peaceful. It exudes confidence. So use that confidence and make yours with the Kuwaiti thobe

Wear the perfect outfit that suits all office and informal occasions.

You might probably think that a thobe is quite simple and has the same style throughout its popularity. But it’s not the truth. Hub Alhaya is here to show you the full extent of all the styles and designs a beautiful, simplistic Emirati thobe comes in. every style is worth it to own and wear. Every style has its own identity, just like you make every outfit your outfit. We guarantee that our Emirati thobe possesses the authentic soul in which they were handmade. We have styles like:

  • Kuwaiti style
  • Omani style
  • Emirati style

What is a Kuwaiti style?

A simple thawb is all the same at the heart. How do you ask? Well, they are all long turbans that have long sleeves. The Emirati and Omani thawb is still the same looking except for the tassel length. But with Kuwaiti thobe, you get a collar and no tassel. The collar is very professional looking. It takes a different spin on the whole minimalistic thobe. A collar is just what you need to make it look formal for formal occasions like a business meeting or an office day! At the same time, it is perfect for casual occasions like a day out with friends, casual family dinner and so on.

We love shopping on a budget!

We get it if you are on a budget. When you are shopping on a budget it is a nightmare to shop, but with Hub Alhaya we are proud to say that we are just a perfect online shopping experience for people on a budget. No need to save money just to buy an Islamic jubbah that matches your energy and mood.

Giving you the best price tags!

From the start, we have given you the best prices on all our products. In the beginning, the Islamic jubbah was known to be quite a different thing to wear and stitch, even. Hence, it made sense for the tailor to cost you a lot. But now all you need to do is go online and add some surprising collection of Men’s jubbah in your cart and checkout, it’s that simple. In Hub Alhaya we give you incredible discount offers of your life!

The stitching is astonishing, while the embroidery is superb!

All you need to do is get online and choose what you want! Choose the designs and style and leave the rest to us. For men who want to dress a bit festive for a family occasion, you can choose a design to embroider on your White Kuwaiti thobes that we will happily embroider on your selected dishdasha. Or if you are one of those people who are not good with varieties, just send us what you like, and we have a team of people who will choose a decent and sublime design for you! The stitching is top-notch so fine you won’t even see them.

Why us?

If your looking for anything Islamic then Hub Alhaya is your place to go. We boast one of the largest collection of thobes and colours within the UK. We have matching outfits for our boys and our collection is every growing with selections for women, from abayas to modern daily outfits. Our catalogue is forever growing with our Islamic learning book collection, oil and perfumes from all over the globe. Visit our page now at  and check out our huge range of products.

So what are you waiting for, if you have any questions or special requests you can email us at info@hub-alhaya.com, we have a committed team of customer service that will satisfy all your difficulties skillfully and competently. Want to know about all the deals and offers first? Well, no problem, subscribe to our monthly newsletter or subscribe to our VIP text club where you can be the first to know exactly when a deal or offer is going live.