Get all your shopping done at one-stop Hub Alhaya!

Get all your shopping done at one-stop Hub Alhaya!

Get ready for the biggest online Middle Eastern themes online store you have ever seen in the UK! Hub Alhaya has everything you will ever need at the highest product quality at affordable prices. We cater to all the fashion styles of the Middle East for women, men, and children alike. Fashion is always changing and evolving. Similarly, fashion varies from place to place and region to region. And we cater to all the fashion norms for men and women of the Middle East! Hub Alhaya has every type of thobe style there is to wear. We have:

  • Kuwaiti thobes
  • Emirati thobes
  • Omani thobes

All these thobes are the same at first glance having the similar properties of long ankle-length dress with long sleeves, but when it comes to small changes that are where the tradition of each region and place matters. Every thobe style represents significance in culture, history, and tradition. The men of the Middle East wear a thobe to keep that tradition alive. The first reason is tradition, the second is practicality.

How can an Emirati style thobe have practical tactics? 

Have you ever experienced the brutal heat of the desert sun? Because it can be deadly. A Men’s jubbah Is made to be breathable and comfortable. The structure of a thobe is made to keep you safe from the scorching summer heat. Not just that, but it also allows for better air circulation. You must have noticed that many Middle Eastern men wear white or lighter shades of colours in the summer. Did you ever wonder why? Well, it's simple science! If you weren’t ever interested in science, well this is the time to spark some interest because this is quite interesting. White and lighter shades of the colour spectrum reflect heat or sun rays, while darker colours absorb heat. It is due to the wavelength of the particular lighter shades. So now you know! This is the real reason why men prefer to wear an Emirati Jubbah

What are the attributes of an Emirati Jubbah?

An Emirati thobe comes down to the length of ankles and has long sleeves. It has a tassel attached to the chest that is the length of your torso. The tassel gives quite a look to your thobe. For your convenience, the Hub Alhaya makes the tassels detachable. So now you can throw them in a wash or hand them anywhere oy want without the worry of the tassels getting caught and stuck in anything and ruining your precious Emirati style thobe.

Embroidery and stitching

That is how you can determine the quality of a brand or a store. The stitching and the embroidery here are done by hand. We believe that the beauty of hand needlework can never be duplicated by a machine. It is very neat and delicate. The stitching is also amazing and complete. You will never find a stitch out of place that is our guarantee.

Embroidery is what makes your Men’s thobe UK the best. You can give your kandura a new look for more formula events with simple and beautiful embroidery. Any colour paired with white looks vibrant and beautiful. Wearing a stunning embroidered Simple Nude Emirati Jubba Will make you the centre of attention.                             

Why us?

We not only sell men’s wear but women’s and children’s wear as well. All your products are according to the standards of Middle Eastern fashion and quality. And that is just our clothes section! Visit our page at and check out the children’s toys and supplies collection that has you adding it to your cart in seconds. We have additional health and main care products as well. You will want for nothing here because we have taken the liberty to think of everything before you even ask for it! We have all kinds of ouds and scents with scented candles that have will soothe and unnerve you the best way possible.

So what are you waiting for, if you have any queries or problems you can call +447922238272, we have a dedicated team of customer service that will cater to all your problems professionally and efficiently? If you want to join our monthly newsletter to get the best deals and sale items, then email us at and stay updated on everything new about us! So don’t get the best thobes you will never wear in your life!