From time to time, your wardrobe needs new blood. Imagine using the wardrobe of last season!

Do we know that many people will think, why would you require new clothes when you have them in perfect conditions at home? Right. And that's true, why would you do it? But then, with the same clothes behind, it was repeated, and again it will make you look bored and monotonous, and you do not want that. A person's clothes is what makes her personality. Clothing plays a very important part in the first impressions. And if you are looking to change your impression of others, then a change in a wardrobe will do the trick!

Fashion is unique for each place; It is the constant thing that changes daily. Fashion is influenced by many things, tendencies, culture, tradition and religion. Not only do they affect their clothes, but also their identity. Traditional clothing is a pride of a nation. It is what your values ​​represent. The traditions in the UAE are very beautiful and simple. There is such elegance in simplicity that you can never match anything else.

A Thobe is the traditional wear on the United Arab Emirates that is very loved by its people. Well, what is not it to love him? It is simple and elegant. Men have maintained the living tradition of using a break quite impressively and still uses it today. Did you know that 67% of men use a dishdasha every day?

Thawb Thuebe Dishdasha. Kandora. Those are just some names for the traditional male tunic that are used here in the Arabian Gulf. And just like the number of names, they all come in different colours and styles. So for all of you who live in the Arabian Peninsula that have not come to meet the resolution to finally immerse yourself in culture (or are too embarrassed to ask for details), do not be afraid, this is your quick guide to learn about differences Among all the different Kandoras in the Gulf.

In general, Emirati Kandra does not have any necklace and, usually, has a long tassel (see Kandora gray up) with matching embroidery along the necklace and sleeves. This is quite similar to Kandora Oman, except that the tassel tends to be much shorter and generally more colourful. On the other hand, in Bahrain, the Kandora is looser and traditionally has a soft shirt collar (see Kandora Blanca up).

The Kandoras in Saudi Arabia, however, tend to be more adjusted than their gulf neighbours. Modern variations of the day tend to have a two-buttons band collar and shirt sleeves. The Emirati thobe version is not too different from this, except that it has a single-button band collar with a slim fit. In Qatar, the Kandora tends to be brighter and has a long band necklace or, even, a shirt pocket.

So many varieties!       

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The different types of Thobes

Each Gulf country has its own style of Thabe. United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman are among the Gulf countries. Men in several styles of Thobes can be seen with them in public places. 

Emirati: These have long sleeves with tassels that match the shoulder embroidery, but there are no necklaces. Teachers are the name of the headdress that can be hung over the shoulder.

Qatari: This is usually done from a gleaming fabric and has a jacket pocket or a rigid tassel. The headdress is called charges in this case because it is increasingly starchy to look like a poisonous snake.

Saudi Arabia: Unlike the other Thobes, this is a bit more tight, with a collar of two or three buttons. Short sleeves need the use of twins.

Bahraini: This is also loose, with a soft necklace with a shirt similar to a kameez. Some even have pockets that seem to belong to a shirt. The hat is a butterfly, which has a beautiful look. Unlike most other Thobes, it allows a neck mobility without restrictions.

Kuwaiti Kanduras: It is also known as Kuwaiti Kanduras in Kuwait. It is known for the high quality material used to create it, as well as the single-button necklace and the slim fit. The headdress is asymmetric length and falls on the shoulder in this case.

 Oman - This Thobe has no collar and can be quite colourful. They are linked freely slightly above the chest. It is embellished with embroidered designs and details that are unique to the user. All these styles are amazing and simply elegant. They bring out your mature side. If you want to impress your office peers and bosses, then this is definitely just the thing to wear on such an occasion. You can also wear an Emirati thobe at your job interview to get the best first impressions. 

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