What is an Emirati thobe ?

To answer this question, we first need to know what emirati is and where it comes from. The ‘Emirati’ or the people of the emirates are from the UAE where there is an estimated population of 1 Million. The term Emirati comes from the plural of the arabic word إمارة‎.

So what is the official national clothing of the emirates?

The traditional dress of emirati men as called in the UAE is the kandura, what here in the UK can be called thobe, jubba, thawb or dishdasha. The name of the clothing depends on the actual region or nationality but they all mean the same piece of clothing.

The kandura is a single piece of men’s clothing which finishes just above the ankle. It comes in either full sleeved or half sleeve but the half sleeve us usually worn at home.The men’s thobe (Kandura) comes in many colours and each piece is unique to each country.

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Al Farukhah – Tassle

How do I know I am buying an authentic emirati thobe ?

You can distinguish emirati thobes from others as they are collarless and have discreet embroidery on the sleeves and the placket. They also have a long twisted piece of cloth with a tassel at the end which is also another distinguishing factor. This piece is made out of the same material as the Islamic thobe and dangles from the middle of the thobe by the neck and is called Al Farukhah.

emirati thobe, collar thobe
Emirati Thobe (Kandura)

When buying an Emirati thobe be sure to ask where the garment was made or recognise weather the company have any affiliation with the UAE. Many companies tend to take an authentic thobe and get them made in other countries such as India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan. These are usually cheap imitations and the quality of the material is also not at the right standard.

Authentic Emirati thobes are made in the UAE with time skilled workers who have learnt the trade over many years, quality checking the material at every point and making sure the finish is at a high standard. These tailors to this day still produce there garments for the local people and can be found only within the UAE region.

What materials are the emirati thobes made from ?

The emiratis tend to have mainly two types of material; high quality Korean polyester and cotton they can also have a mixture of both. The shiny matt style finish material is imported from Korea and lasts over ten years without any fade. The cotton mens Islamic clothing thobe is used more for the winter in the UAE with the shiny material more popular among the emiratis.

Where can I purchase an authentic Emirati thobe (kandura) ?

At Hub Alhaya we specialise in holding the largest colour collection of authentic Emirati thobe for sale in the UK. Our stock is handmade in Dubai from our inhouse tailors who boast an experience of over 60 years from the master fabric craftsman to our 9 tailors who complete the stitching, embroidery and finishing. You can buy online thobes from us knowing your thobe is authentic, using the highest quality Korean fabrics and made just as it is for the Emirati national.

We can cater from a single thobe for one man to any quantity needed to over 30 made to measure pieces uniquely made for all occasions such as weddings. We have a quick turnaround if needed of within a week and have past experience of getting them to you when needed just in time.

How do I measure my self for thobe ? What size should my thobe be ?

Our thobes are measured for length from the top of the shoulder to just above the ankle and the measurement is given in inches. The second main measurement for a ready-made thobe is the chest measurement these usually are in relation to your current t-shirt size. The thobes come in M, L and XL so the measurements come in first length and then chest size so for example 60M is a length of 60 inches and a chest size of 44 inches which is the European standard for chest sizes.

How do I measure my chest?

The chest is measured by placing a measuring tape ideally a tailor’s tape flat across your back and finishing in the middle of your chest. Ideally you would leave an inch or half inch extra to give you some breathing space but this is based on preference as some men like a really tight fit.

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I want to order a custom made Emirati thobe ?

At Hub Alhaya we are taking custom made thobe orders over the phone, we are currently in the process of automating this process so you can order these directly on the website. We will be giving you free swatches so you can have a feel and look of the material before placing your order. Currently we only have on offer the colours we have in stock and these can be custom made for your perfect fit with a turnover of 2 weeks. We would require the following sizes to take your order: Length, Shoulder Width, Bicep width, Chest Size and Arm length to your wrist.