Simple White Emirati Jubba is just the thing to look classy and elegant!

Simple White Emirati Jubba is just the thing to look classy and elegant!

Simple White Emirati Jubba is what many men of the Middle East wear daily. Did you know that 67% of men wear it every day? Imagine the possibility to update your wardrobe if you wear one that frequently. What better place to do just that other than Hub Alhaya! We have the best varieties of all jubbahs you name its colours, styles, and designs all at your disposal.

There is a lot of demand for Emirati Jubba In the Middle East. Men wear it almost wear it every day as casual and formal wear as well. It is a very simple and accessible ensemble to wear. It has many benefits as well. 

Wear it anywhere you want!

It saves you money. An outfit that you can wear every day and with just a few additions of accessories can turn into formal ready wear that you can wear at parties, official meetings, weddings, and such formal occasions. Not just that but you can also wear them as everyday clothes while going out for a fun day with friends, school, universities and so much more! Now you know how buying just one Emirati Jubba can save you money in the end! So what are you waiting for add yours to the cart today and get it delivered right to your doorstep!

The best thing about online shopping!

We know how tiring it gets roaming from one shop to another in such heat and exhaustion only to find nothing that suits your tastes at the end of the day. That is why Hub Alhaya is here to make your life easier. We provide you the luxury to select your wardrobe at the touch of a screen in the comfort of your own home. No need to waste your energy now, so you can sit back and relax and choose from all the latest varieties of colours and styles in the thobes we offer you. We guarantee that what you see is what you get. Our quality control team inspects every package and shipment for any damage and errors that might cause you inconvenience. So get adding to your car today!

White enhances the simplicity and elegance factor by a hundredfold!

White is such a colour that conveys many sentiments and meanings. White not only enhances your stature, but your personality as well. White is what gives your personality a wise aura, white is a symbol of peace and purity. No matter who wears, look classy and amazing. An Emirati style thobe in itself is a simple garment that men wear and when they wear it in white colour the sombre shade is very humbling and looks amazing. Men in the UAE are more prone to wear white due to many reasons, first and foremost comes tradition. Men of the UAE have been wearing white coloured men's thobe UK for a long time it not only keeps the tradition alive but also serves a practical purpose. The practical purpose of wearing white is very beneficial. As you must know that the desert heat is quite scorching and unforgiving. Lighter shades, presumably white and peach, help repel the heat and protect your body from over-exhaustion. The Emirati style thobe Also helps in better air circulation in the deadly heat of the desert. That is why many men prefer to wear white thobes now you know that it’s not simply the tradition but practicality that favours the fashion and variety in their wardrobe.

Enhance the elegance factor!

White in itself is quite an honourable and noble colour, but it has another quality. It can enhance all the other colours if work in comparison to them. Every colour looks amazing and ethereal when paired with a men's Jubba Not to mention the best thing about Hub Alhaya: the embroidery! You can select any thread colour combination to decorate your men's thobe UK for any formal occasions like weddings and such. We guarantee you that you will be the centre of attention to any event or gathering you are a part of. Our embroidery is hand done and the needlework of our workers is impeccable at best. It is delicate and neat that you can see the beautifully intricate designs in their glory. No colour does not compliment the universal colour white! 

The stitching and quality are amazing!

We pride ourselves on the quality with which we serve our customers; we have the same standards for all our products and clothing items. The stitching is clean and tidy. You will never experience a stitch out of place! We deliver all our products in 3 to 4 business days because we get how excited you are to get your men's Jubba.

So visit our collection pages today at to have a look at what’s new with us! Hub Alhaya priorities you over anything else, so don’t hesitate to contact us at +447922238272 or email us at to get weekly and monthly subscriptions to get the latest news on the hottest selling products and new arrivals. Hub Alhaya prioritizes you over anything else so