Simple Nude Emirati Jubba will make your wardrobe more interesting!

Simple Nude Emirati Jubba will make your wardrobe more interesting!

What are the qualities that people look for in their clothing items? The major component is quality! Quality is very important for you and us in a huge way. Quality is what sells and is what is in demand right now! And at Hub Alhaya you get just that and more. Never will you find more amazing quality products than on any tither online store.

Why white? Cultural and religious significance

White is the most sophisticated colour you can think of, many people think it is quite sober, but it is the opposite. When a man is wearing this colour, it makes him look wiser and strong. White colour has the quality to enhance a person’s personality. White is the colour of intelligence and intellect. Did you know that many of the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) followers wore white colour almost daily, while it is said that the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH0 favourite colour to wear was white? It is a colour of such elegance and sophistication that looks pure and humbling at the same time. It does make you look proud but mutes too loud personality into an attractive and simplistic one!

Make people look at you!

How can you make people make look at you? It is quite simple- through your dressing. A men's thobe UK is the most amazing and simplistic wear you can ever find. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions like weddings, engagements, officials meeting and so on. But what you don’t know is that it is suitable for casual wear as well. White is quite a clean and stark colour that demands people's attention wearing this colour to your job interview and meetings will guarantee you the attention and spotlight you need to get ahead in life. 

What are the reasons for its popularity?

You can make your Simple Nude Emirati Jubba More special with a help of some things! Did you know that 67% of men a thobe or a dishdasha daily as casual and formal wear? That certainly hikes up the demand for it in the UAE and the Middle East. There are many reasons y it is so popular with men. The main reasons are tradition and practicality. For a long time, men in the Middle East have worn white men's thobe UK to deflect the heat of the desert. We all know how hot it gets during the day in the summer of the desert. It is quite uncomfortable and needs practical clothes to help you beat the heat and the Simple Nude Emirati Jubba did just that! Lighter shades of colours like white and peach help with the heat. Lighter colours absorb less heat than darker colours, that is just science. Not just that but they are also light and allow for maximum air circulation you need to protect you from heat strokes and similar conditions. 

How to make it more special?

men's thobe UK has many other garments that you wear with them, every clothing has complimenting items that suit the whole ensemble. With an Emirati Jubba, you get a black robe as well as a head wrap that makes the whole get-up complete and fulfilling to wear. There are many types of dishdashas in different regions of Saudi Arabia and have many other complimentary garments with them that are distinct to that region. 

Apart from that, you can wear good-quality black or brown loafers or moccasins that give your whole ensemble a complete and wholesome look right from the start. A well-put-up appearance is not only pleasant to the eyes but helps you build self-confidence that will get you many opportunities in life.

Superb fabric quality!

All our Emirati Jubba Are made of top-quality fabric that consists of 100% synthetic material. It has many characteristics that will have you add it to your cart in just seconds, like:

  • Easy to wash
  • Stain-resistant
  • Crease-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wear
  • Stretchy

And soft to touch, we guarantee you that you will never see anywhere else. All these amazing attributes that add to the appeal of the Emirati style thobe are just what you need in your life! 

Why us?

We not only sell men’s wear butt women’s and children’s wear as well. All your products are according to the standards of Middle Eastern fashion and quality. And that is just our clothes section! Visit our page at  and check out the children’s toys and supplies collection that have you adding it to your cart in seconds. We have additional health and main care products as well. You will want for nothing here because we have taken the liberty to think of everything before you even ask for it! We have all kinds of ouds and scents with scented candles that have will soothe and unnerve you the best way possible.

So what are you waiting for, if you have any queries or problems you can call +447922238272, we have a dedicated team of customer service that will cater to all your problems professionally and efficiently, If you want to join our monthly newsletter to get the best deals and sale items, then email us at and stay updated on everything new about us! So don’t get the best thobes you will never wear in your life!