Look your best this summer with the new summer collection of white Omani thobe

Look your best this summer with the new summer collection of white Omani thobe

If it’s just the women that think hard about what to wear the next day then you are wrong. Men also like to think about what they want to wear or are in the mood to wear for special occasions. Well lucky for you whatever mood you are in the Islamic Jubba is the best choice to go with. Add some life to your everyday clothes and stop wearing and repeating the same outfit again and again. A well-thought-out outfit can change your whole outlook on life. Literally! Keep on reading to find out how?!

A good day and a bad day…..

The difference is an amazing and well-planned outfit is what we say. Confidence is something every man and woman should have themselves. Some find it through different things and one of them is clothes. If you are wearing an outfit that looks good, and you know it looks good on you, then it feels good. So good that it gives you the confidence to tackle the difficulties of the day.

Lighter than all the clothes you have worn before!

The fabric we choose to make your men's thobe Jubba light and brisk. Perfect for the summer heat of the United Kingdom. It is graceful on your skin and does not feel like you carry something heavy. The best part is that many people feel smothered in clothes. That is why we ensure that our clientele breathes easily in what they use.

Wear and tear is a thing of the past!

The cotton and polyester mixture is good for any activity while providing a full movement range without worrying about any tears. A lot of clothes are only good for two or three uses only. We believe that clothes are part of our life and, therefore, must be lasting enough. The best part is that this type of fabric also prevents folds. Then you can use it twice on repeated occasions in just a round of ironing!

No scratchy and uncomfortable feeling!

The cotton and polyester mixture of the fabric makes sure it is lax on your skin. In the United Kingdom, you will find many hypersensitive people with harder fabrics. They are itching, and the threads hang from them, which is the source of flare-ups and other skin problems. But with Hub Alhaya you will find all the indulgences with us.

Easy to wash and wear!

No more, throw money into the tints. It is expensive. That is why we bring easy-wash fabric that can easily wash at home. Everything you need is a washing machine and that sits. There are no difficult instructions to follow just to wash a white Omani thobe Now you can turn it, wash it and dry it easily.

The best shopping you have ever done!

We get it if you are on a budget. When you are shopping on a budget it is terrible to shop, but with Hub Alhaya we are proud to say that we are just a perfect online shopping experience for people on a budget. No need to spend money on the Men’s thobe jubbah that you can wear on not just one but two occasions and more!

Giving you the best price tags!

From day one, we have offered you the best prices on every product we have. The surprising Men’s thobe jubbah is just what you need in your wardrobe. No matter the occasion, we guarantee that it’s a must and must addition you need in your life! But now all you need to do is go online and add some surprising collection of Men’s jubbah in your cart and checkout, it’s that simple. In Hub Alhaya we give you incredible discount offers of your life!

Why us?       

If your looking for anything Islamic then Hub Alhaya is your place to go. We boast one of the largest collection of thobes and colours within the UK. We have matching outfits for our boys and our collection is every growing with selections for women, from abayas to modern daily outfits. Our catalogue is forever growing with our Islamic learning book collection, oil and perfumes from all over the globe. Visit our page now at and check out our huge range of products.

So what are you waiting for, if you have any questions or special requests you can email us at info@hub-alhaya.com, we have a committed team of customer service that will satisfy all your difficulties skillfully and competently. Want to know about all the deals and offers first? Well, no problem, subscribe to our monthly newsletter or subscribe to our VIP text club where you can be the first to know exactly when a deal or offer is going live.