Kuwaiti thobe- All in One Wear

Kuwaiti thobe- All in One Wear

What makes your wardrobe special?

Every once in a while your wardrobe needs new blood. Imagine wearing last season’s wardrobe! Do we know many people will think, why would you require new clothes when you have them in perfect condition at home? Right. And that’s true, why you would? But then with the same clothes behind repeated over and over will make you look dull and drab, and you don’t want that. A person's clothing is what makes his personality. Clothes play a very important part in first impressions. And if you are looking to change your impression of others, then a change in a wardrobe will do the trick!
Fashion is unique to every place; it is the one constant thing that changes daily. Fashion is influenced by many things, trends, culture, tradition, and religion. They not only affect your clothes, but your identity as well. Traditional clothes are a pride of a nation. It is what represents your values. Traditions in the UAE are very beautiful and simple. There is such elegance in simplicity that can never be matched with anything else.
A thobe is traditional wear in the UAE that is much loved by its people. Well, what’s not to love about it? It is simple and elegant. The men have kept the tradition alive of wearing a thobe quite impressively and still wear it today. Did you know that 67% of men wear a dishdasha every day?

You can wear it everywhere you want!

You can wear a dishdasha as formal wear as well as formal wear. Many men in the UAE wear it to schools, universities, dinner parties, and causal day-outs with friends! The Kuwaiti thobe at Hub Alhaya is just what you need to break the continuity of your wardrobe. Not to mention formal occasions as well, like weddings and official meetings. It is a guarantee that you will attract everyone's attention with your immaculate and elegant dressing.

So many varieties!       

Where ever you go, you look for options. Always looking for what’s the best one of them, what would suit you the best? Having options is a very to engage our customers, and we have that down pat. We have so many options for you that will never go anywhere for your Kuwaiti thobes in the UK. We have 
Kuwaiti style thobe
Emirati style thobe
Omani style thobe
All these styles are amazing and simply elegant. They bring out your mature side. If you want to impress your office peers and bosses, then this is definitely just the thing to wear on such an occasion. You can also wear a White Kuwaiti thobe at your job interview to get the best first impressions. 

Why are Kuwaiti thobes for men so special?

This style of a thobe is the most popular with men, why? Well, let’s find out!
All the thobes, traditionally, look the same with long length coming at the length of ankles and long sleeves. With the Kuwaiti thobes, the UK has a collar. A collar is just perfect to give the formal yet casual touch to your whole ensemble. The collar makes you look professional at all times. 
When we talk about traditions, Kuwaiti thobes for men are at the top of the list. As long as anyone has known what a thobe is, they have known it to be as white. Many people still prefer to wear white Kuwaiti thobes to keep the tradition alive and for the practicality of it. Let us tell you about it!
Have you ever encountered desert heat in the day? It is most scorching and draining. It could feel like your skin is melting off. And in weather like that, you need to wear something light and airy. A Kuwaiti thobe provides you with the right amount of air circulation. White colour has a practicality to it. The white colour reflects the heat from the sun, keeping you cool even on a hot day. Darker colours like black and brown are more preferred in winters as they absorb the heat of the sun.

Why us?

We not only sell men’s wear, but women’s and children’s wear as well. All your products are according to the standards of Middle Eastern fashion and quality. And that is just our clothes section! Visit our page at https://www.hub-alhaya.com/ and check out the children’s toys and supplies collection that has you adding it to your cart in seconds. We have additional health and main care products as well. You will want for nothing here because we have taken the liberty to think of everything before you even ask for it! We have all kinds of ouds and scents with scented candles that have will soothe and unnerve you the best way possible.
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