Get deep in dark with Hub Alhaya Black Thobe!

Get deep in dark with Hub Alhaya Black Thobe!

Almost everyone these days are obsessed with the colour black. Many people think that black is gloomy and depressing, but nothing could be further than the truth. Black is the most, magnetic and attractive colour known to man. Black colour has the allure to attract the right kind of attention you need. It is so much in fashion that black-on-black outfits are the most sought by young men.

It works with everything

The advantage/beauty of the colour black is that it complements every other colour. Are you in a rush? Just grab the Emirati Jubba from your wardrobe and voilà you are ready to tackle your day. With black, you never need to worry about matching it with shoes or anything else. Get the Black Thobe and forever remain free from the tension of styling your look with stylish accessories. 

Sand out with the new Black Thobe!

Many people think that black is the colour that helps you blend in more, but nothing could be more wrong. Black colour has such charisma and charm that whoever’s wearing it, it enhances your personality. It catches the attention of everyone around you. Black creates an aura of mystery around you that encourages people’s interest in you.

It’s easy to wash and wear

Many online shopping stores do not provide you with quality thobe materials but here at Hub Alhaya, we take special care that you get your money’s worth of quality. All of our thobes are made of 100% synthetic material that is easy to wear as well as wash. Keeping the harsh summer weather in consideration we make sure that the Emirati Jubba.  We make are breathable light and airy. The synthetic material of the fabric ensures all these qualities and more. What’s more, is that it comes with absolutely no fancy washing instructions. Just throw it in the wash and you are done!

Wear it as much as you want

The synthetic material is amazing and has many properties that are of advantage to you. For example, the fabulous Emirati style thobe is non-creasable. You can wear it more than two times before ironing it again and again before wearing it anywhere. This not only saves your time but electricity that you don’t have to waste in ironing your thobe. It is also comfortable to wear as well. It is soft to touch and light and airy to your skin. You will often find your online bought clothes to be of cheap and itchy materials but Hub Alhaya takes care of your needs. This material is not stiff and flows with your figure. It accentuates and defines your figure more. It is all about the clothes you wear. That is what impresses people the most. 

Black never fades!         

You never have to worry about your clothes fading out. UAE is known for its hot summers. Hot summers include a lot of suns and hot air that not only causes damage to you but your Black Thobe as well. With more than necessary exposure to the sun, many clothes tend to fade. But with the amazing synthetic fabric, you will never lose the vibrancy of the black colour of the Men’s thobe UK. Did you know that thobe provides you with much-needed protection from the sun? It helps you get better air circulation and protect yourself from the sand and hot air of the desert heat. 

Charm your onlookers no matter what the occasion

Black is a neutral colour that is suitable for all kinds of occasions. With the versatility of the black colour combined with the high demand for thobes you get a very fashionable and desirable outfit that everybody loves to see and wear. You can wear your beautiful Men’s thobe UK. To formal and informal events like weddings and official meetings. You can every wear it on a casual day out with friends and more. The Emirati thobe UK has a traditional significance to worn on Islamic holidays and especially occasions like Jumma prayers and Eid. The Emirati thobe UK has such charm that you can wear it for your job interviews as well. Did you know that thobes are so famous in UK and UAE that men wear them to school, university, and normal days? Yes, almost 87 % of men casually wear one every day. No wonder it's more and more in demand every day! So grab yours today at Hub Alhaya!

Why us?

We not only sell men’s wear but women’s and children’s wear as well. All your products are according to the standards of Middle Eastern style and class. And that is just our clothes section! Visit our page at and check out the children’s toys and supplies collection that has you adding it to your cart in seconds. We have additional health and main care products as well. You will want for nothing here because we have taken the liberty to think of everything before you even ask for it! We have all kinds of ouds and scents with scented candles that have will soothe and unnerve you the best way possible.
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