Emirati Thobe or Omani ?

Emirati Thobe or Omani Dishdasha ?

Where are they made ?

Let’s break this down simply, Emirati thobes are tailored in the UAE and Omani Dishdasha’s as the title suggests in Oman. Thobes tailored anywhere else apart from their country of origin are not authentic and classed as copies.

Style Differences ?

Authentic Emirati Jubbas have one design with embroidery across the chest in a ‘V’ shape with a removable long tassel.  They have no added patterns or any other modern gimmicks as these are purely for the emirates of the UAE.

Sky Blue Emirati
Authentic Emirati Jubba

With the Omani Jubba’s it’s a little more in depth as there are numerous patterns but one design feature that is consistent across every single thobe is the small tassel.

Omani thobes and their designs are regulated by the ministry of commerce and indsutry in Oman. This is to make sure that their national traditional clothing is not deviated hence why a authentic Omani dishdasha cannot be tailored anywhere except in Oman. Many companies advertise their thobes as Omani but rest assured they are not as seen below the dishdasha designs that are authentic and regulated are below.

There are overall 5 designs currently approved by the ministry: The Common dishdasha, Buraimi, Abu, Shaq, Suri and Bedouin.

5 Approved Dishadasha Designs
Omani Common Dishdasha

Omani Ministry Warning: Official Omani dress warning from ministry – YouTube

What does Hub Alhaya sell ?

All our thobes are authentic tailored in the respective country of origin so you can guarantee luxury thobes for men. Our Emirati thobes are tailored in the trading centre of Dubai and the dishdasha from the heart of Oman, Muscat.

What colours do we sell ?

From white Emirati thobe to black we have the largest colour collection of authentic Emirati jubbas online in the UK.  

The Omani dishdasha we have many designs and colour variants to choose, from the traditional white to the more popular royal blue with gold embroidery.

A family company established since 2012 we assure the highest customer service and jubba’s of the highest quality.