Delve into the luxuriousness of Casual grey thobe jubbah with Hub Alhaya!

Delve into the luxuriousness of Casual grey thobe jubbah with Hub Alhaya!

Summer is here, and you need a new wardrobe to impress your friends! Just like everyone else, you must be thinking of buying some new clothes that will not cover you in sweat. We get it. UK culture calls for jeans and shorts that are a little unorthodox from the traditional inclination. Jeans in hot summer are not a good option to wear! So why not buy the amazing Al Noor clothing and keep yourself cool and dry in the summer of 2022?            

Many people prefer winter to summer, as hot weather is the worst to ward off. But with Jubbah thobe you will not only fall in love with summers but eagerly await this season every year!

Look mysterious and handsome in darker colours!

If you have the taste for dark colours, then you should better have a look at what we have in store for you. We have just the collection you want in on. Darker colours look and suit better on men. It gives them an edge that many crave and want. So what are you waiting for? Add one to your car now before it’s sold out!

Convenience you can’t find anywhere!

The tassel that is attached to the Emirati and Omani style thobes is removable! You can easily take it off while you are washed or delivered is that your Men’s thobe does not tear in getting stuck in something unfortunate. So hang it wherever you want and wash it as you please.

Say goodbye to itchy clothes!

The cotton and polyester mixture of the fabric make sure it is soft on your skin. In the United Kingdom, you will find many allergic people to stiffer fabrics. They are itchy, and the threads sting on your skin which is the source of eruptions and other skin problems. But with Hub Alhaya you will find all the extravagances with us.

Lighter than anything you have ever worn!

The fabric we choose to make your Jubbah thobe will feel perfect on your skin. Perfect for the summer heat of the United Kingdom. It is light on your skin and does not feel like you carry something heavy. The best part is that many people feel suffocated in clothes. That is why we ensure that our customers breathe easily in what they use.

Washing clothes has never been this easy!

No more, throw money into the tints. It is expensive. That is why we bring easy-wash fabric that can easily wash at home. Everything you need is a washing machine and that sits. There are no difficult instructions to follow just to wash Grey thobe, just wash it and dry it easily.

Resisting wear and tear of your clothes

A lot of clothes are only good for two or three wears only. We believe that clothes are part of our life and, therefore, must be lasting. The best part is that this type of fabric also prevents folds. Then you can use it twice on consecutive occasions in just a round of ironing! The cotton and polyester mixture is good for any activity while providing a full movement range without worrying about any tears. The best shopping you have ever done!

We get it if you are on a budget. When you are shopping on a budget it is terrible to shop, but with Hub Alhaya we are proud to say that we are just a perfect online shopping experience for people on a budget. No need to spend money on the Men’s thobe jubbah that you can wear on not just one but two occasions and more!

Giving you the best price tags!

From day one, we have offered you the best prices on every product we have. The surprising Men’s thobe jubbah is just what you need in your wardrobe. No matter the occasion, we guarantee that it’s a must and must addition you need in your life! But now all you need to do is go online and add some surprising collection of Men’s jubbah in your cart and checkout, it’s that simple. At Hub Alhaya we guarantee you the best of the offers and discount you will ever get in your life.

Why us?

If your looking for anything Islamic then Hub Alhaya is your place to go. We boast one of the largest collection of thobes and colours within the UK. We have matching outfits for our boys and our collection is every growing with selections for women, from abayas to modern daily outfits. Our catalogue is forever growing with our Islamic learning book collection, oil and perfumes from all over the globe. Visit our page now at and check out our huge range of products.

So what are you waiting for, if you have any questions or special requests you can email us at, we have a committed team of customer service that will satisfy all your difficulties skillfully and competently. Want to know about all the deals and offers first? Well, no problem, subscribe to our monthly newsletter or subscribe to our VIP text club where you can be the first to know exactly when a deal or offer is going live.