Bring out the sober elegance in your get with Grey Emirati Thobe!

Bring out the sober elegance in your get with Grey Emirati Thobe!

If you are choosing between wearing thobes soon ten, we support your decision! Hub Alhaya is the best online shopping store that will provide you with a wide collection of thobes that is just the best!

Fashion is relative from place to place, and the Middle East thankfully has not yet been fully taken over. Did you know that 67% of Middle Eastern men still wear jubbah daily? Yes, that’s true. You might ask why? Well, it's party tradition and party need. You must be familiar with the summer weather of deserts. It has scorching heat and mind-boggling sandstorms. And in this type of weather, you cannot wear jeans and t-shirts to protect you from sunburns and the hot particles of sand. It has also been a tradition that Middle Eastern men have kept alive for a long time. With the right accessories, this amazing apparel is a sight to behold!

Hub Alhaya makes changing your wardrobe a fun experience!

A jubbah is a very practical and no-nonsense men wear. And just because its practical does not mean it cannot be fashionable. At Hub Alhaya we make fashion comfortable and practical. If men are is you are wearing men's Jubba on daily to schools and universities what then? They will run out of options, and it becomes boring. We believe that wearing your clothes should be exciting. After all, a good get-up is a key to confidence. The confidence you need to tackle in the coming day! 

Hub Alhaya brings you variety and choice right in the comfort of your home!

Now you will never get tired of browsing through countless choices of thobes. That’s right Hub Alhaya brings you its finest selection of Grey Emirati Thobe at the touch of your fingers. We have a lot of clothing items for you. Wearing the same type of thobes makes your image dull, spice it up, with a new type of thobes. Emirati style thobe brings out the innate elegance that you have. It catches everyone's attention with just a glance. This is a perfect ensemble to wear on a day out with your friends or a university presentation. These days you have to look at the part to get the part and this Emirati style thobe will assist you in doing just that. We have

  • Emirati style thobes
  • Kuwaiti style thobes
  • Omani style thobes

Why is Emirati Jubba so special?

In the eyes of Middle Eastern men, it might look simple and minimalist, but that fact is the reason it brings out the natural appeal of whoever is wearing it. A simple thobe length is right below the ankles with long sleeves, other variations might have bans or collars or tassels.

Emirati has no collar and comes with an attached tassel at the neck. This tassel is long and comes down to the length of your torso. The tassel with the collarless ban brings out the majestic elegance in your character.

We bring you practical and comfort in the outfit!

The tassel that is attached to your Emirati style thobe is detachable. So it becomes easy for you to wash in the washing machine. It also prevents the tassel from getting stuck it tangles with anything and ruins your beautiful dishdasha. Not just that it is made with comfortable fabric that is 100% polyester material, so it can be easily cleaned and very comfortable on the skin. This material is stretchy and breathable. Many shops use low-class fabric that chafes at your skin, but not at Hub Alhaya, here we believe in quality and efficiency!

Style and embroidery are worth mentioning!

The stitching and the embroidery here are done by hand. It is so neat, you might think that the thread is drawn on your dishdashas. Grey is a heavy and sombre colour but using beautiful and intricate designs and beautiful coloured threads that complement the grey of your men's thobe UK. The embroidery itself is very superb looking but with the simplistic style of the thobe, it transforms into something to behold. 

Quality is the merit of our brand!

Everything on Hub Alhaya is of utmost quality, and our quality control team can attest to that. Any defective piece is caught early in the making. For further satisfactory measures for our customers, we offer a 30 days return policy. It is quite a good deal actually, and all at affordable prices at that!

 So what are you waiting for? Visit us at or contact us at +447922238272 and share any queries you might have. We are here 24/7 to answer all your problems.

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