Add some colours to your wardrobe with Simple peach Emirati jubbah

Add some colours to your wardrobe with Simple peach Emirati jubbah

Wearing something lighter and soothing in the summers is all that men need. Isn’t that right, gentleman. In this heat, just one step outside can make you sweat buckets, no joke. That is why Hub Alhaya brings you the best Men’s jubbah you could ever lay eyes on. To help your tan be more prominent, you need some spectacular summer colours that will make you stand to put more in the crowd.

The quality of the fabric is top-notch!

We have figured out the secret to having the most perfect and comfortable fabric you can wear in the summer. One is that all the Jubbah thobe are made of breathable fabrics that allow air circulation in this hot, sticky summer weather. Two has a large collection of summer colours that will exude a positive mood vibe all around. Three fabrics should be stretchy, light and airy.

Have you ever made a mistake wearing a jacket or layer style in summer with a winter fabric? Well, let’s say you will be better with summer fabrics much better if you like breathing. Wearing summer fabrics in summer is the smarter way to go. Summer-designed fabrics are made to be lighter and feel soft on your skin, we have the perfect blend of fabric that consists of cotton and polyester. This fabric type has amazing advantages!

  1. It is easy to wash
  2. No special instructions on washing and storing.
  3. Prevents unnecessary creases for at least a day or two.
  4. It is an absorbent material that prevents odour of sweat.
  5. Tighter wave that wrinkles less than other fabrics

Refresh yourself with the summer colour of peach!

Well, peach is not only in for summer drinks, but summer apparel as well. Peach is close to the skin or nude colours with a little tinge of pink in the mix. So it’s safe to say that peach is the most sought-after colour to wear in summer after white. Give your wardrobe a break from all the boring monotony and add some splash of colours this summer. We have an amazing Simple peach Emirati jubbah collection at Hub Alhaya for you to browse through. Just select add and check out it’s that simple

Better fit for you!

Now you never need to worry if a Simple peach Emirati jubbah will fit you or not. We do customize stitching as well. If you are not sure the sizes we offer will fit you, you can just send us a request with your measurement, and we will resize it according to your wishes.

Perfect for you if you are on a budget!

We get it if you are on a budget. The best thing about us is that we offer you the best wardrobe update within the possible range of your budget. No need to save money just to buy an Islamic jubbah that matches your energy and mood.

Giving you the best price tags!

From the start, we have given you the best prices on all our products. In the beginning, the Islamic jubbah was known to be quite a different thing to wear and stitch, even. Hence, it made sense for the tailor to cost you a lot. But now all you need to do is go online and add some amazing collection of Men’s jubbah in your cart and checkout, it’s that simple. In Hub Alhaya we give you incredible discount offers of your life!

Why us?

We don’t just have men’s wear, but children’s and women’s wear as well. If you are looking for products that are according to the quality of Middle Eastern fashion and values, then we are just the place to be at! And not just the clothes section, we have whole categories for you including toys for children. Kitchen appliances, Middle Eastern gifts section. Visit our page at and check out our health care line as well. We also have skin care products that will rejuvenize your health in no time. You need only ask, we have what you want just a tap away from your fingers. We have all kinds of scents with scented candles and ouds with ittar that will relax and unnerve you in the best way possible.

So what are you waiting for, if you have any questions or special requests you can call +447922238272, we have a committed team of customer service that will satisfy all your difficulties skilfully and competently? If you want to join our once-a-month newsletter to get the best deals and sale articles, then email us at and stay informed on everything new about us! So get the best thobes you will ever wear in your life!